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Ashish Roy, CTO & CO-FOUNDER
Ashish Roy
Since founding Cibirix, Ashish has leveraged his marketing degree to lead the agency in crafting meaningful digital marketing experiences for clients. His results-driven approach is a unique mix of analytical thinking, crisp visual aesthetics and a desire to simplify frontends while developing robust architecture. With a passion for design, technology, & marketing, He leads each aspect of the agency’s business and oversees its talented team of digital professionals.
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Asmita Roy, Experience Designer
Asmita Roy
Experience Designer
Asmita Roy helps businesses design intelligent experiences. Her expertise in experience design dates back to 2016. As a thoughtful experience designer, Asmita has helped businesses solve complex design issues on web apps, sales websites and eCommerce platforms. She leads the experience design team at Cibirix and directs the art and layouts for all the clients.

Working with Cibirix

Where Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts

In working with us, you’ll find that we strive for doing something bigger together than we ever could alone. Every client we work with becomes a part of our family. We climb and reach the top TOGETHER. We achieve this by assigning you a personal project manager that is your ONE point of contact during all phases of ideation and coding. Your project manager is accessible through phone, chat, Go-To meetings, and email. We collaborate using the Basecamp project management tool, and report bugs through JIRA/Bug-tracker. All notes, reports, creative files, and communications are kept secure within a robust, secure, and scalable structure.

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Collaborative Winway

implement Put the vision into effect. empathize Conduct research to develop an understanding of your users. define Generate a range of crazy creative ideas. ideate Combile all your research & observe where your user’s problems exist. prototype Build real, tactile representations for a range of your ideas. Test Return to your users for feedback. DESIGN THINKING
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