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5 Clever Ways to Write Audience-Engaging Content

5 Clever Ways to Write Audience-Engaging Content
Sep. 3,

To connect and engage with people nowadays, you need more than just an online presence. With an overwhelming influx of media that includes brands trying to upsell you on a product you neither need nor want, it can be difficult to satisfy today’s consumers. This has made marketing a bit of a challenge for today’s aspiring businesses. In order for you to reach out to your target audience and really connect with them, you need to create fresh, creative, and – most importantly – relevant content. People aren’t expecting you to be perfect, but they are expecting you to be authentic and real. In this article, we’re going to look at 5 ways to help you write real, audience-engaging content that matters.

Have an ye-Catching Headline

Sorry to break i`]\t to you, but most people who come across your work will probably judge your content by its cover – the headline. Since your headline is the first thing readers will see, it’s crucial to create one that interests them. If you want someone to consume your content and really engage with it, they need to want to click on it. And for this to happen, your headline needs to be clickable. But you don’t need to give all the good stuff away, you need to give them just enough that they want more. A great headline will guide your reader, inspire them to trust you and your brand. Use keywords, encourage your reader to want to share your work, and really speak to them. Overall, your headline can either make it or break it; it will either make the browser want to read your work, or it will make them click away. Remember, content is king, but it’s not always easy finding a head worthy of the crown.

Always Write for Your Target Audience

Content comes in all shapes, sizes, and topics. And while it may be easy to sit back and criticize the work of others, it’s another thing to actually create your own content and make it meaningful. The topic of your content matters, it’s what tells your story and keeps readers interested. If the topic of your content doesn’t line up with the concerns of your audience, it will be useless. You need to keep one important fact in mind – people don’t buy products and services; they buy solutions and outcomes. So, what problem are you solving for them? For what pain point are you providing a solution? The best topics and most engaging pieces of content are written by people who have a passion for what they do and know why they’re doing it.

Include Visuals

Apple Watch Series 4 is finally here. Are you ready to step into the future?” Did this statement stand out to you? Did the bold letters make it stand out to you? Or did it seem like any other sentence in this article? When you use a great deal of text, it opens a door of opportunities for points of friction to occur. But one creative way to catch the eye of your readers and still engage them is with visuals. When you add visual content, such as bold text, pictures, gifs, videos, etc., you can reach a much wider audience. If there had been a picture of an Apple watch included with our statement earlier, or maybe even a person modeling one, would it have better caught your eye? Visual content is more likely to be get shared on social media than any other content.

Have a CTA (Call to Action)

A CTA is the sentence, or in some cases, the button, that seals the deal and persuades your readers to jump into action. But you don’t just want or need a random CTA; you need one that is going to convince people to take action. A well-crafted call to action will be designed to drive the action you’re suggesting; this can determine whether or not people do what you want them to and how many of them actually do it.

There are two purposes of a call to action: to tell the people what to do and to give them the motivation they need to do so. But keep in mind, while it’s important to tell people what to do, you can’t forget the “why.” Why do they need to listen to you? Why do they need to take action? Here are four important factors to take into consideration when developing your CTA –

  • Remember Your Goal – Your call to action should directly reflect your goals. Whether it’s to sell them a product or a service, or just to share your content, it has to be evident.
  • Use Action Words – In English circles, these are known as “verbs.” Action words direct specific action, making it easier to motivate your readers. With the right action words, your customers will know exactly what you want them to do.
  • Negative or Positive Direction – Both negative and positive CTA’s can be effective. A negative call to action will leverage the customer’s fears, pain points, and risk aversions; it offers them a solution. A positive call to action will inform the customer what they stand to gain from your service or product. However, sometimes informing your customer of what they’ll lose without having your product or service will speak to them more than just talking about what they might gain. It’s all about perspective.
  • Prioritize Brevity – You never need to use more words that what is needed; too many can become muddled and be distracting from your overall topic. You need to give them just enough information to take action, but not so much that you drive them away.

Have a Strong Structure

In order to create an engaging, clear piece of content, you must maintain a strong content structure. With HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) headings, you can do just that. These headings introduce the content that follows and defines the hierarchy and structure of the content. To help readers better understand the flow and importance of your work, these headings are listed from h1 to h6. H1 defines the most important heading (usually the first headline you see), while h6 defines the least important. Think of them as a ladder, as shown below:

  • Heading Line 1
  • Heading Line 2
  • Heading Line 3
  • Heading Line 4
  • Heading Line 5
  • Heading Line 6

Cibirix Digital Marketing

Producing engaging content is not an easy task, and most businesses will agree that it’s one of the most challenging aspects of any marketing campaign. It’s all about being unique, original, and relevant. You want to separate yourself from the crowd, stand out. Don’t settle for using just one of the strategies we’ve listed above; take advantage of them all, and use them to your benefit!

Do you have more questions about how to create audience-engaging content? Here at Cibirix Digital Marketing Agency, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you with most any SEO, marketing, and branding questions you may have. We also happen to be experts in coming alongside to help you generate real audience-engaging content! Feel free to reach out online or give us a call today at ☎ to get started.

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