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Advanced PPC Trends to watch closely in 2019

Advanced PPC Trends to watch closely in 2019
Feb. 4,

We’re only a few weeks into the new year, and already there are some interesting trends developing in digital marketing, particularly where pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is concerned. If you’re someone who likes to stay ahead of the numbers and trends, then keep reading to learn about some effective PPC methods and strategies you should be using both to enhance your sales as well as decrease your advertising costs in 2019:

  1. AI & PPC together

Well, the Rise of the Machines hasn’t taken over every facet of society just yet, but artificial intelligence (or AI) has already arrived in the world of PPC marketing. AI currently dominates sectors like robotics, and it’s now being used more and more in modern advertising. AI is becoming more and more instrumental in the evolution of business-related departments. The pay-per-click advertising industry now employs AI to deliver outcomes for all involved parties. Because there is plenty more potential for automation, PPC campaigns can now be designed to be run more easily for any scope of business, including start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The writing is now on the wall for traditional, manual tracking techniques; they will all soon be a thing of the past. But for PPCers who are afraid that AI will replace them –take heart. In this era of competition between AI & human intelligence, creativity still lies in the hands of the PPC marketer. Smart marketers will need to understand when it’s best to leverage the machine, and when they should go off script and ignore it.

  1. Audiences are going to push keywords underneath

For years, the use of keywords has become the principal feature in regards to advertising via search engines. It seems this age may be coming to an end in 2019.

What’s going to replace the usage of keywords? Fundamentally, marketers will be expected to embrace audience targeting approaches for their ads. What this implies is that bid monitoring will focus more on the segmentation of their audience, while still seeking to maximize advertising results for their clients.

It’s not like keywords are going away or won’t matter anymore, but focused audience targeting on the search networks will be of equal importance for the outstanding performance of PPC accounts in 2019.

What will continue to distinguish the best PPC marketers is how they make plans to segment and implement audience data via an audience targeting strategy.

The trick to success in 2019 and beyond is to produce a thorough strategy for the variety of audience types and viewer lists, and then discern how to layer them (with negative and positive bidding types) to form your paid search approach.

  1. The continued rise of Amazon in 2019

It will also be very important for all marketers who are looking to increase their PPC spend to continue focusing on Amazon. Amazon will continue its hot streak in 2019 as well with its sponsored ads, most notably affecting retail brands.

Google and Facebook have been forces in the advertising industry for quite some time, but Amazon is now doing exceptionally well with its own advertising platform. Amazon’s platform contributes more scope for marketers to be able to generate more sales very effectively. Industry experts believe that Amazon will soon dominate this space in the near future.

Amazon now has a net worth of greater than $1 billion, so it’s safe to say that this e-commerce platform is on a bit of a winning streak. It also demonstrates that Amazon will be a force to contend with when it comes to PPC advertising. Amazon has certainly captured the attention of other big advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Bing.

  1. Role of smart PPC marketers in the coming era

PPC marketers need not worry about losing their jobs due to the fact that AI is reforming modern PPC campaigns. Rather, marketers with understanding of AI will now be able to select which system will be best for providing each of their unique client campaigns with the best PPC results.

PPCers will need to figure out how to best blend automation and audience targeting for the benefit of their clients. Currently, PPCers are expected to work very hands-on with accounts to supply the desired output. These specialists will need to oversee jobs like ad testing, mining, and serving. The prediction says that the future of paid search accounts will allow the PPC specialists to invest more time in things like troubleshooting, analysis, reporting, CRO assistance, projections, and touch base meetings with clients.

What PPCers need to in this era of automation is continue to sharpen their skill sets in marketing strategy as well as interpersonal communication. PPC marketers who do so will be able to stay ahead of the competition,regardless of how algorithms change or of what features might disappear, since they won’t be purely obligated to those assets.

  1. Writing superb ads

A while back, Google said its search ads should be “ads that work for everyone,” and they meant it. With the advent of responsive search ads & responsive display ads, Google has indicated that automation will make it even more possible for businesses to be successful search marketers.

With so many variants of descriptions and headlines accessible to people, we can forecast that marketers will need to be even more deliberate in contemplating whether headlines one, two and three will successfully operate with description one and two or not. To put it in simpler terms, Content will still be King.

  1. Don’t forget the use of video for advertising

Marketers also can’t ignore the use of videos in their 2019 advertising, as video will be center stage in PPC platforms. Numerous brands will need to increase their advertising spend on making video ads.

If you’re not yet sold on increasing your video ad spend for PPC, you should also consider the fact that your search campaigns will also be much more successful if you include video; YouTube is going to be your audience target when it comes to search campaigns.

You can see more video advertising updates from us in the coming days when we discuss things like Google’s video vertical ads. Stay tuned for more info on this topic…

  1. Advanced remarketing techniques

Remarketing is going to be one of the best advanced PPC techniques in 2019. With the advent of new responsive display ads, it has become easier for Google to adjust automatically according to the size, appearance, and format to fit in any available ad space. Google will use its machine learning tool to find out the combination of resources for every advertisement built from your performance history.

For now, suffice it to say you can anticipate more flexibility in remarketing. Innovative technologies like AI and machine learning are going to play a significant role in this shift.

  1. Focus on brand building

For a brand to put its stamp on today’s market, it has to earn the loyalty of its users. Once that loyalty is gained, it becomes easier for a brand to then attract more customers. Most of the conversions that happen are through the branded search terms. Thus, it has become essential for marketers to seek to increase brand loyalty if they want high-grade conversion rates. Brand affinity and loyalty always stand the test of time for a new or repeat user looking for that particular brand of products or services.

  1. New ad types coming

As far as predictions are concerned, the trends say that 2019 is going to be way more fruitful for all the PPCers who are looking to capture more customers and clients through their enthralling ads. This is because it is expected that various new ad types, tools and reports are going to continue to emerge in the upcoming year. We will see more local search ads being rolled out that will focus more on conversion-based opportunities. A recent example of the new types of ads we have seen is the responsive search and responsive display ads, along with the expanded ads that are modified with three headlines and two descriptions.

Google is trying to make its ads simpler by providing more information about the business services and products through its ads, and it has also become much easier for the marketers to describe their products and services to their browsers and prospective users.

  1. Mobile campaigns are going to rule

In today’s world of rapidly growing technology, one can see that the number of smartphone users continues to grow rapidly. What this simply means for you is that there are more customers for your mobile advertising campaigns. So a rapid shift can also be seen towards creating more mobile-first campaigns as opposed to the more traditional desktop-first campaigns. As a digital marketer, it’s really important that you stay on the cutting edge of this mobile trend.

  1. You might need to spend a little more for PPC

The days when you only spent pennies for clicks are going to end soon in PPC advertising due to the growing number of businesses in the same sector, as well as to heavier competition among these companies.  But you need not worry if you’re handling PPC correctly; the trigger is still in your hand. Improving your CTR & Quality Score will help you clear all the hurdles. It is also incumbent upon PPCers to be smart enough to deal with their own growing competition, and find ways to keep their own costs down.


What we can say for sure is that in 2019, we can expect to see massive shifts in the strategies PPC marketers use with their clients, as well as in how they manage their own business. To gain leverage through PPC marketing, PPCers need to make sure that they take advantage of all the recent new features which are already out there, and which will continue to be launched throughout this coming year. Paying attention to these trends in PPC will help you continue to grow your client’s business, as well as your own business!

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