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Why We Love Facebook Apps for Business

Why We Love Facebook Apps for Business, and You Should Too!

In the digital era, Facebook is more than just a social platform. Facebook has become a true cultural movement, with over 2.2 BILLION users! The fact that 1/3 of planet Earth’s residents are on Facebook has attracted the attention of business owners, brands, and even small companies who want to showcase their products and services, […]

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Facebook Audience Overlapping – The Silent Killer of Your Ad Performance

Facebook advertising isn’t as simple as it may seem. Whatever your level of experience may be, you’re likely to make a few mistakes. A common error among users, which we are going to discuss, is by far the most frequent mistake made that can defeat powerful outcomes for advertising. This indiscretion is “Audience Overlapping.” This […]

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Facebook Page Types Select the Best Category for Your Business

Facebook Page Types – Select the Best Category for Your Business

In the process of starting a Facebook page for your company, business, and any government organization or just for yourself, you may get stuck in selecting the appropriate category for the Facebook page. The good news is, if you get it wrong you can change your page category later but getting it right from the […]

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How to Create Audiences for Facebook Advertising Funnels

Any marketer who has experience with Facebook Advertising knows the importance of middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel targeting. Facebook Ads offer interest and demographics based targeting and we have seen many companies making good use of these targeting options. However, the real strength of Facebook Ads lies in how you can […]

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Facebook Campaign Ads Scaling Tips for 2018

We have learned through experience that testing, experimenting, and close monitoring are the ingredients of a successful Facebook campaign advertising. What worked two weeks back, may not work today and if you are a “Fill it, Shut it, Forget it” type marketer. You may not be able to scale your Facebook marketing campaigns. Why is […]

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Facebook’s In-Stream Ads– How to Best Utilize Short Attention Spans of Your Audiences

Recently, Twitter announced that it is going to let its users be more expressive than before. Twitter increased its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Alas! Not a well-received decision, however, that is some other article some other day. We all know the attention spans of buyers in this generation are low and […]

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Website Retargeting on Facebook

How to Reduce the Cost of Lead Acquisition for Your Business Using Website Retargeting on Facebook

Irrespective of your industry and niche, if you’re in the marketing department, your main job is to bring sales opportunities (leads) to the sales teams; profitably. However, Retail and eCommerce businesses often struggle with lead and sales acquisition. Their cost of acquiring the new customers often jeopardizes their profitability. A common story with big manufacturing […]

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How Can Facebook Lookalike Audiences Help Companies That Are Just Getting Started with Facebook Ads?

During my training sessions at Cibirix, I stumbled upon a very relevant question from one of my marketing interns. His question was straightforward and very relevant to any small or medium-sized business that has no experience with Facebook ads. “How Do I Build an Audience When I am Just Starting on Facebook?” Facebook Ads targeting […]

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Relevance Score in Facebook Ads

Relevance Score in Facebook Ads – What is it and How to Improve it

Have you ever looked at your Ad Set and wondered why some of the ads have performed better over the others? While marketers look for many things in their Campaigns to diagnose a prevalent problem, the relevance Score gets ignored. As marketers, we need to remember that relevance determines the cost of distribution of ads. […]

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Facebook Pixel

What Are Facebook Pixels? A Quick Introduction and Usage Guide

Facebook Pixel is a cookie served through Javascript protocol from your website to track users and retarget them on Facebook and its Audience network. Technically, it is a 1X1 image that is served to the browser that establishes a connection with your server. Facebook Pixels are far more robust than other advertising platforms as Facebook […]

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