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Forget Position #1 – Grab Position Zero in Google With Web Page Structuring Guide

Forget Position #1 – Grab Position Zero in Google With Web Page Structuring Guide
Oct. 24,

Two years ago, Google introduced featured snippets, but this tool is still very new for several search engine marketers. Featured snippets are the small boxes that showcase the most relevant information about your search query.

An Example of Featured Snippet

Position zero contains a scraped answer with a title and URL. You may also interact with an illustrative image (as shown above), bullet points or tables.

Why are featured snippets relevant?

So, in terms of SEO, why are these featured snippets essential? We’ve listed some of the main advantages of occupying position zero below:

  • Appear Above Organic Results

    One of the primary advantages of featured snippets is their location. They will appear on the top portion of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which is why we say they are in “position zero.” These snippets are displayed even after the top featured results. So, after the Google ads, the first organic search result will be visible on position 3.

  • Voice Search Benefits

    As some of the biggest well-known search engines, Google and Bing have started to include voice search, and so far, they have covered most of it. When your webpage reaches the top of the SERP, or position zero, it will attract more visitors through their voice searches.

  • Mobile search benefits

With an increasing number of mobile searches, it can be difficult for users to see all the search engine results due to the smaller screen. So, by reaching position zero, you will most likely get more mobile visitors than if you ranked lower on the page.

How to Reach “Position Zero”

Now, once you understand what “position zero” is and how it’s essential to your rankings, the big question is how you reach this position.

  • Identify Keywords – The first step to reaching the top of the search engine results page is to identify your keywords. Not every results page will feature the top results, so you must choose your keywords wisely.
  • Create a Title with the Exact Question – Once you’ve identified the best keywords to improve your position on the SERP, you need to find if they are the questions Google is currently displaying in position zero. These include why, what, and where questions.
  • Heading Tags – By placing your headings into the right category, you can better optimize your place on the SERP. These tags, such as H1, H2, and H3, will enhance the relevance of your results to the search query.
  • Image Optimization – Position zero results often include images with the content. There are some cases in which Google will also pull an image from a different source and the URL from a difference source as well. In order for you to overcome this problem, you should optimize your images with the search query, image name, image size, and more. Google usually displays images that are 200px by 160px.
  • Write a Brief Summary – There are times in which visitors prefer a lengthy summary for a specific topic, but this won’t provide any help in reaching position zero. In order for you to reach the top of the SERP, we recommend having a 50 to 60-word paragraph at the top of your webpage. Keep this paragraph simple, informative, and well-defined. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write lengthy articles or blogs for your website, it simply means you want your webpage to be professional. And in order to rank well on Google, your content should also be relevant.
  • Organize Your Content – When you write your content, it should be professional and organized. We recommend using bullet points, tables, and any other sources of organization.
  • Use Related Questions – Any search query or question can lead to a related one. By implementing these related topics in your content, you will be one step closer to ranking well on Google.
  • Monitor Your Position on Google – When you’ve reached position zero, it doesn’t mean that it can’t change. Search engine results are so dynamic you’re your ranking can change within a few days. If you want to maintain your position on SERP, you should continuously monitor your position on all search engines and update your site with fresh, relevant content.

When you achieve position zero, you will experience more benefits than if you were ranked lower on the SERP. This position can be very beneficial to your company as Google will place you at the top of the page, above your competitors. By taking advantage of these tips, you can become #1 in your industry.

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