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Increase the ROI of Your Metal Buildings Business with the 3D Building Estimator

Increase the ROI of Your Metal Buildings Business with the 3D Building Estimator
Apr. 7,

The Changing Landscape of the Metal Buildings Business in America

Not so long ago, the most common way to make a metal building purchase was by driving to visit a brick-and-mortar dealer or stopping at some roadside display which featured all of 3 or 4 metal building options. The selection wasn’t always that great, and your ability to customize your building sometimes left something to be desired. But fast-forward just a few short years, and the nature of the light-gauge steel structure industry in America has changed significantly. There are now more manufacturers and dealers than ever, and customers also have more options than ever for getting their own custom steel structure. Demand for metal buildings continues to increase across the country, and the industry has become increasingly competitive as well. Customers’ expectations around building quality, customizability, and customer experience have increased as well. More than ever, you need a way to help your metal buildings business stand apart and succeed. One of the best investments you can make is in a capable online 3D Building Estimator that your customers (as well as your salespeople) can use to create their own custom building design.

What Is a 3D Configurator?

A 3D configurator is exactly what it sounds like – it’s an easily-accessible digital tool that allows anyone and everyone to create their own custom building designs. Configurators like these have become commonplace across the wider construction industry, but for a long time there weren’t any great configurators that were specially-designed for the metal buildings niche. A couple of years ago, Cibirix set out to change that by working to develop a proprietary 3D Building Estimator which would be perfectly crafted to suit the special needs of metal buildings dealers and their customers.

What Sets the 3D Building Estimator from Cibirix Apart?

So, what sets our 3D Building Estimator apart?

  • It allows both customers and salespeople alike to create a custom metal structure plan. You can select your desired building type, size, roof style, lean-tos, walls, trim, colors, framing and siding steel gauges, certification and other options, and you can virtually place doors, windows, and frame-outs wherever you like on the building.
  • As you add or take away custom options, the 3D Building Estimator includes pricing quote updates in real-time, based upon your intended installation location.
  • Once you’re happy with your design, you can save it online, and even have it delivered straight to your email inbox for free.
  • Customers can even use the 3D Estimator to initiate their custom building order with you through a quick, easy, and secured ordering process.
  • Our 3D Building Estimator is incredibly simple to use, and it’s fully accessible from pretty much any internet-capable device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Increase Your ROI with the 3D Building Estimator

At Cibirix, we understand that some of the keys to business success revolve around increasing profit margins, decreasing cost, serving more customers, and giving your  customers as pleasant and as painless of a shopping experience as possible. And we’re happy to report that when it comes to important measures of ROI like these, our 3D Building Estimator really delivers!

  • Beautiful in Design & Function The building images delivered in our full-color 3D renderings are really pretty amazing. They’re beautiful, displayed to scale, and give an incredibly accurate virtual depiction of your building, from the roof all the way down to the foundation. And you can virtually navigate all the way around the building and zoom into any feature, from any point of view – including a bird’s-eye view from above.
  • Accurate Pricing A beautiful building design alone doesn’t do you much good if it doesn’t also accurately reflect current pricing of all the possible customization configurations. Our 3D Building Estimator is designed so that it can seamlessly integrate pricing details from one or multiple manufacturers, and can also take into account pricing details based on individual state and location. On top of that, it constantly updates pricing information on its own in real time, so you don’t have to!
  • Increased Productivity Thanks to the features built into our 3D Estimator, your salespeople won’t have to waste precious time creating their own building plans from scratch, or having to pore through various and sundry pricing binders that may or may not be kept up-to-date! This frees them up to have more time to actually help more customers and engage with more leads!
  • Enhanced Customer Experience Shopping online has become a way of life for today’s consumer, and they expect you to offer them that freedom and flexibility, no matter what you’re selling. You don’t have to be Amazon, but you’d better offer your customers and leads some effective ways to engage with you online, if you hope to stay relevant. Thanks to our 3D Building Estimator, you can now offer your customers the shopping experience they want and need, and you can increase the productivity of your sales staff and boost the bottom line of your business at the same time! It’s really a win-win for both your customers and your business!

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Let Cibirix Provide the Best Digital Solutions for Your Metal Buildings Business!

Cibirix is a digital marketing, branding, and web design team that serves clients in many industries, but we really have a special place in our hearts for metal buildings businesses. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop the best 3D Building Estimator in the industry, and that’s why we continue working to make it even better every day. But our 3D Building Estimator isn’t the only way we can help your business grow!

Another challenge that all metal building dealers face is figuring out how to manage leads, respond to questions, improve conversion rates, and manage customer relationships more effectively. Many established dealers have tried using some open source CRM tools to address these challenges, with sometimes less-than-optimal results. Well, we’re happy to share that Cibirix has also developed a CRM tool just for you! Sensei is the first CRM software to be custom-designed for the metal buildings industry, and those who have already adopted it are seeing immediate benefits. And what’s even better is this – our 3D Building Estimator is completely compatible with the Sensei CRM, and the two can be integrated together seamlessly!

Are you ready to start saving time and effort, engage more customers, empower your employees, and enable your metal buildings business to really grow? Simply click or call , and let’s get started today!

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