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Infographics: Key to Earn Links

Infographics: Key to Earn Links
Sep. 26,

In last decade search engines reached a level next in sophistication, where you can’t fool them to rank higher by blindly dumping links everywhere around the web. Search engine updates made link building way harder than ever, which eventually helped in delivering quality search results to the end users.

For a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign, now the importance of creating links is higher like never before. When you look back to link building techniques in 2018 visual link building worthy enough to invest your time.

What is Infographic or Visual Link Building?

A strong graphical/visual representation of researched data, generally infographics helps in simplifying complex data or even makes boring topics into a pleasing experience.

 Want to know- Why your Brain Craves Infographic? Check this awesome infographic by www.neomam.com

 How to Develop an Infographic?

You can create an infographic in five simple steps which are as follows,

#Brainstorming: As open brainstorming discussion with the team to get ideas which are interesting, appealing, trending, unique and somehow relevant to the target business. Describe your audience clearly, know them, their likings and most importantly their pain areas. Always remember it’s not an obligation to stick with the niche because the wider topic you will choose the more backlinks you will be able to create.

#Research: Gather all the raw material like information, statics, data, images. Trust only verified sources for this information to avoid any conflicts. Remember the “Keep it Simple” rule infographics are always better when they are simple.

#Concept and Blueprint Development: Once you have decided the topic and gathered all the required data all you need to do is segment them, work on visuals, colors, add humor and make the blueprint of the infographic. Keep your infographic focused on the topic and target audience.

#Design: Pass the information to the design, be open and accept the change don’t try to kill the creativity of the designer.

#Revision: Infographic review looks easy but it’s the most critical step, this decides whether your efforts will pay you back or not. A world-class infographic not just represent the topic but also hold the users very well and encourage them to respective actions.

Link Creation with Infographics

Your infographic creations efforts will drain out if you don’t promote it well, remember your infographic will not get viral automatically you have to develop a content marketing strategy for it.

Advertising- A trustable source to seed your infographic well, it will help in catching the eyeballs with less time. Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn are some trustable sources where you can advertise your infographic within a fixed budget. Moreover, depending on the niche of the infographic you can advertise it to other sources as well.

Infographic Submissions: Publish your infographics on all social media channels, infographic submission directories, this will eventually help in catching more eyeballs.

Manual Outreach: First accept the fact you need do outreach. Advertising and submission will make your help getting the attention of the world, but the real links will be earned by outreaching only. Create a comprehensive list of websites, influencers, and blogs where you can find the visitors/audience who are willing to know about the information you are sharing. Make few email templates which can easily communicate the receiver who are you and what you are offering. Include the advertising results in your outreach emails; this data can improve the acceptance percentage.

Success and failure of your infographic will only depend on how well/badly you outreached, not every infographic will get succeed there will be a blend of both.

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