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Now is the Best Time to Put Your Business Online

Now is the Best Time to Put Your Business Online
Jul. 22,

As we all know too well by now, this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Businesses are all fighting to survive and overcome this crisis. Needless to say, this is having an impact on the world’s economy, too.  More than half of all countries on Earth are still in some form of lockdown. But, for business owners and leaders, this is also a time of unprecedented opportunity. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make your business presence known online.

If the phrase “the time is right,” was ever true, it’s most true now. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), there are around 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, and all have been affected by COVID-19 in some way. But there are still 24 hours in a day, and people still have to spend their time somewhere. So where are they spending it these days? Now more than ever, people are spending their time online! Because that’s true, you can take this moment as a golden opportunity to turn your business into a real online presence!

How Covid-19 is affecting small businesses

You’re aware that the World Health Organization has officially declared this coronavirus to be a pandemic. Since the first week of February, COVID-19 infections have increased by some 260% worldwide. But in terms of the economy, who’s gotten hit the hardest? The small business sector. It’s an uncertain time with lots of unknowns, and nobody has all the answers. Still, there are some constructive things you can do right now to help yourself and your business. It’s time to move proactively into the next phase of your business; honestly, it’s past time for you to get your business online!

Technology is your friend, now more than ever

To be able to keep pace with the need for adaptation and change, modern business needs modern technologies. Small- to medium-sized businesses need to be doing everything they can to keep up. Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two of the most effective ways to attract your target audience online. Your ability (or your failure) to do so, could be the differentiator between a thriving business and a failed one! Cibirix is your best partner for moving your business presence online. Whether you need a website, email hosting, some customer relationship management software, special design needs, an app, or other tools, we’ve got you covered! Thanks to the capabilities of cloud computing, you can gather all the tools you need to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively.

What’s the best way to connect with your customers?

In this culture saturated with personal smart devices, one of the best places to find your customers is through the various social media channels. Thanks to the virus, more people are spending their time online than ever before, and perhaps no place is more ripe for you to make essential connections than on social media. And not only will this allow you to connect; it’s also an excellent opportunity for you to show your customers what it is they’re looking for, and also give them a choice to buy it. Social media is a great best place to start the conversation, since you can offer the option to chat with your customers and prospects via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other popular instant messaging platforms. And thanks to platforms like these, you can also offer video conferencing options through FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and others. Thanks to these technologies, you can give your customers that “face-to-face” feeling without the need to actually be face-to-face.

Focus on serving your customers

No doubt you already offer phone support, and possibly even email support for your customers. Even so, this is the best time to increase your customer service capabilities. It’s important to make your patrons feel like you’re truly accessible, and that they have the ability to reach out and stay connected to your business. For any business – and especially for small businesses – every single customer matters. And since you have limited options to reach your customers in person these days, social media and digital marketing are really two of the best ways for you to connect. Social Media Marketing is an incredibly effective tool for reaching the right customer and keeping them engaged with who you are and what you’re doing as a brand.

Your competitors are still not your friends

Thanks to the pandemic, some of your competitors may have fallen to the wayside, but your competition has still not gone away. Your competitors who’ve managed to endure the storm are still out to beat you at all costs! But that’s OK; you still have plenty of opportunity to put up a fight. Your competitors can actually do you a favor right now; thanks to their efforts to scramble and get seen, their actions could actually serve as a marketing multiplier for you. But you won’t be able to benefit if you don’t join with the right partner who’s poised to truly improve your online business presence!

You don’t have to risk it all; rather, just make the right calculated risk

Worried about the risk? The truth of the matter is that no business gains any real success without being willing to take some risks. You could just keep on doing what you’ve always done, but … how’s that working out for you so far these days?

At Cibirix, we understand that you may have people who depend on you and your business in order to be able to bring home a paycheck for their families. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your business online. You can start on a small scale, or on whatever scale you’re comfortable with. Digital marketing is really one of the most effective things you can to do help your business not only survive, but actually start growing. Reach out to our team today, and let’s get the conversation started!

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Ashish Roy

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