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Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

Let us face it, websites age! They may no more look attractive, appealing, and cross-device functional. What was once a shining star once, maybe losing its sheen and its advantage to other more better organized websites that rank higher in search engines such as Google. If that is happening to your business too, it may […]

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Facebook’s In-Stream Ads– How to Best Utilize Short Attention Spans of Your Audiences

Recently, Twitter announced that it is going to let its users be more expressive than before. Twitter increased its character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Alas! Not a well-received decision, however, that is some other article some other day. We all know the attention spans of buyers in this generation are low and […]

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Website Retargeting on Facebook

How to Reduce the Cost of Lead Acquisition for Your Business Using Website Retargeting on Facebook

Irrespective of your industry and niche, if you’re in the marketing department, your main job is to bring sales opportunities (leads) to the sales teams; profitably. However, Retail and eCommerce businesses often struggle with lead and sales acquisition. Their cost of acquiring the new customers often jeopardizes their profitability. A common story with big manufacturing […]

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How Can Facebook Lookalike Audiences Help Companies That Are Just Getting Started with Facebook Ads?

During my training sessions at Cibirix, I stumbled upon a very relevant question from one of my marketing interns. His question was straightforward and very relevant to any small or medium-sized business that has no experience with Facebook ads. “How Do I Build an Audience When I am Just Starting on Facebook?” Facebook Ads targeting […]

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Relevance Score in Facebook Ads

Relevance Score in Facebook Ads – What is it and How to Improve it

Have you ever looked at your Ad Set and wondered why some of the ads have performed better over the others? While marketers look for many things in their Campaigns to diagnose a prevalent problem, the relevance Score gets ignored. As marketers, we need to remember that relevance determines the cost of distribution of ads. […]

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Facebook Pixel

What Are Facebook Pixels? A Quick Introduction and Usage Guide

Facebook Pixel is a cookie served through Javascript protocol from your website to track users and retarget them on Facebook and its Audience network. Technically, it is a 1X1 image that is served to the browser that establishes a connection with your server. Facebook Pixels are far more robust than other advertising platforms as Facebook […]

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Power Editor and Ads Manager to be Merged

Latest Facebook Marketing Update: Power Editor and Ads Manager to be Merged!

Power Editor and Ads Manager started as two very different tools back in the day. Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to create, edit and publish multiple ads at once and have the paths of these tools started. Here they are: If you’ve been a Power Editor user, […]

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What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How To Best Use Them for Your Digital Marketing

Facebook is the undisputed leader in mobile marketing. A recent study claims that people in the United States spend more than 20% of their time on Facebook and Instagram. With so many active users, Facebook Ads are a no-brainer for any digital marketer looking to reach new audiences. With most of the businesses putting forth […]

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Different Buying Types of Facebook

What are the Different Buying Types of Facebook and Why Do They Matter?

This blog post is about the Reach and Frequency vs. the Auction buying type. Most of the Facebook marketers still default to the “Auction” buying type on the Facebook marketing campaigns. Why? What is the reason that marketers use Facebook’s auction type more and do not give Reach and Frequency a try? Most of the […]

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Facebook Business Manager

Why You Should Use Facebook Business Manager for Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Cibirix has some bold statements in its taglines and in its the marketing communications. We tell you that we exist to help you design and market better. Sometimes that phrase sounds a little cliché. Clients tell us, that is what everyone says: People who know the digital marketing business even peripherally, claim to be the […]

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