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Facebook Pixel

What Are Facebook Pixels? A Quick Introduction and Usage Guide

Facebook Pixel is a cookie served through Javascript protocol from your website to track users and retarget them on Facebook and its Audience network. Technically, it is a 1X1 image that is served to the browser that establishes a connection with your server. Facebook Pixels are far more robust than other advertising platforms as Facebook […]

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Power Editor and Ads Manager to be Merged

Latest Facebook Marketing Update: Power Editor and Ads Manager to be Merged!

Power Editor and Ads Manager started as two very different tools back in the day. Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to create, edit and publish multiple ads at once and have the paths of these tools started. Here they are: If you’ve been a Power Editor user, […]

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What Are Facebook Lead Ads and How To Best Use Them for Your Digital Marketing

Facebook is the undisputed leader in mobile marketing. A recent study claims that people in the United States spend more than 20% of their time on Facebook and Instagram. With so many active users, Facebook Ads are a no-brainer for any digital marketer looking to reach new audiences. With most of the businesses putting forth […]

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Different Buying Types of Facebook

What are the Different Buying Types of Facebook and Why Do They Matter?

This blog post is about the Reach and Frequency vs. the Auction buying type. Most of the Facebook marketers still default to the “Auction” buying type on the Facebook marketing campaigns. Why? What is the reason that marketers use Facebook’s auction type more and do not give Reach and Frequency a try? Most of the […]

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Facebook Business Manager

Why You Should Use Facebook Business Manager for Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Cibirix has some bold statements in its taglines and in its the marketing communications. We tell you that we exist to help you design and market better. Sometimes that phrase sounds a little cliché. Clients tell us, that is what everyone says: People who know the digital marketing business even peripherally, claim to be the […]

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Website Design Tips

10 Tips for a Great Website Design for your Business

Building a website might seem like a fairly straightforward task for most companies. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that straightforwardness translates to a quick, easy project that should be developed and executed with minimal time. If you are creating or re-creating your business website, commence this task with a belief that it takes time […]

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google shopping ads

How to Increase eCommerce Sales & Grow Revenue with Google Shopping Campaigns

Generating more sales and growing your company’s revenue is the ultimate dream of every business that sells online. If you’re a retailer, you can use Google’s Shopping Campaigns to boost traffic and sales from your eCommerce website. Google Shopping Campaigns is a stellar and yet mostly overlooked method of bridging the gap between customer’s needs […]

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business website design

What Role Does a Great Website Play in your Business Online Marketing?

A website, in its most basic form, is an opportunity for a company to communicate their offerings to potential customers. While that may sound simple, it is not inherently easy to create a successful site. Significant thought must be given to the design and usability of a site for customers to stay engaged. Based on […]

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mobile app optimization

Beginner’s Guide for Mobile App Optimization

Have you ever wondered why your amazing app wouldn’t rank well in the App Store search results? Mobile app industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, but with a great business opportunity comes a huge competition. As thousands of apps are being uploaded to App Store and Google Play daily, it’s getting harder to get […]

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online shoppers into in-store customer

Turn Online Shoppers Into In-Store Customers With Local Inventory Ads

If you manage or own a store(s) locally and wish to reach more local shoppers in your area to sell them in store, this blog post may just offer you what you need. Google has a robust product on offer that can significantly increase the number of footfalls into your store. Bring online shoppers into […]

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