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Why We Love Facebook Apps for Business, and You Should Too!

Why We Love Facebook Apps for Business, and You Should Too!
Feb. 19,

In the digital era, Facebook is more than just a social platform. Facebook has become a true cultural movement, with over 2.2 BILLION users! The fact that 1/3 of planet Earth’s residents are on Facebook has attracted the attention of business owners, brands, and even small companies who want to showcase their products and services, and expand the overall reach of their business.

Facebook Apps for Business are tools to help enhance the overall user experience. If you have any business or brand pages, then you can do a lot more with these apps than you may realize; you can essentially turn your Facebook page into a secondary website for your business.

How do Facebook Apps for Business work?

Facebook Apps for Business exist to enhance your online business pages for your visitors, future customers, and current customers. You first need to develop an app to integrate Facebook services with your mobile application or your website through Facebook for Developers, An app allows a user to interact with your pages in many ways, and this is the point where a user can take a greater interest in your product and becomes more highly engaged.

Eventually, all actions taken by a user termed as an app event are trackable through the measure & report feature in Facebook Business Manager.

Login with Facebook

(Example of log-in through Facebook)

The fun doesn’t stop here, either. Facebook for Developers allows you to create and run apps which are integrated with your Android and iOS apps to offer a useful bunch of features.

You can add popular products such as:

  1. Register or log-in through Facebook
  2. Monetize your mobile app or website with Facebook ads
  3. Analytics to track and understand user behavior
  4. Accept in-app payments
  5. Instagram API integration
  6. Open Graph
  7. App Center (game listings)
  8. App Events (track all user actions on your app)
  9. App Links (deep linking)
  10. Facebook Pixel
  11. Pages API, and many more.

Using these products could be a game-changing move to build and sustain customer satisfaction. Leveraging these Facebook features and implementing them at the right time is a good Facebook marketing strategy. Now, the question that may be coming to your mind is…

What is a Facebook App, anyway?

Let’s back up for a second. In layman’s terms, an app is a program designed to serve a particular purpose with a targeted audience, and it can let you interact either with friends, bots, or an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based program.

Facebook app center is generally a game store, and it stands separately from the individual developer apps. So, if you’re playing any game on Facebook, what you’re using is a specific type of app.

To know more about the App Center, read the official doc.

On the other hand, for developers a Facebook app is just a medium to communicate with your mobile app or website to enable Facebook-integrated services. For implementation, it is required to create a new Facebook app, then configure and set it up with the proper details of the application. Sounds easy, right? Before you proceed to create an app though, make sure to read the Platform Policy first.

Now, let’s talk about some of the most popular apps that companies are using to create a feature-rich environment for their customers all in one place. One nice feature is how simple it is to customize your Facebook page using such apps.

Top 5 Facebook Apps for Business Pages in 2019 are:

  1. Heyo (Easiest way to create content, sweepstakes, and hashtag campaigns to drive more engagement)
  2. Ripe Social (Tool with 11 built-in apps for targeted Facebook marketing)
  3. Pagemodo (For professional page design, posts scheduler, custom tabs, and analytics)
  4. Tabsite (Dedicated app for page tabs)
  5. YouTube Tab (A tab to display your YouTube channel videos in a custom Facebook tab)

All right, now let’s talk business. If you’re ready to create an app, here are the steps:

Steps to Create, Register and Configure Facebook App:

  1. Create a Facebook Developers account

To create Facebook apps, you need to first have a Facebook account in order to create a Developers account.

  1. Create a new Facebook app

In the dashboard, at the top navigation click ‘My Apps’ and select ‘Add New App’

Facebook My Apps


  1. Set your app details

Now give a name to your application and an email for meaningful communication.

Create a New App ID

Once you create app id, fill all the required details and save.

Facebook App Basic Settings


  1. Choose a platform for your app

Now select the appropriate platform, and fill out the information.

Application Platform


  1. Set advanced settings

Now, these settings need to be filled out in conjunction with your business manager and advertising staff or partners if you plan to do any advertisements with your app.

  1. Assign developer roles and create test users

Set permission-based account to view/edit app details, testing, and app analytics. There are four types of accounts:

  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Analytic Users

Unlike the typical Facebook account, you can create a special account just for app testing within an app. These are “fake” accounts which help you to the test the apps without worrying about messing anything up, or getting the account disabled.


List of all test users

Create test users


Facebook application rules for usage

  1. Update development mode status

Once you’re ready with your application, you have to change the status from ‘in development’ to ‘public’ to make it available for the public to see and use, and this also disconnects from the “fake” test account you created for beta testing.


  1. Submit your app for review

Now, if you have created this app just for Facebook login (website registration), then you don’t have to submit the app at all.

But for a Facebook web game, or anything you want the whole world to know about, you are then required to submit the app for review. Once your app is approved, it’ll be available for the public in the app center.

App submit and review

So, should I just use ALL the available products for better return?

Honestly, that’s really not your best option, unless you just want to create a crazy mess all around. No social media marketing expert would ever advise you to try and use ALL the products, because ultimately it depends on your business type, needs, and specific goals. The takeaway here is that if you feel the sense of urgency to get started with Facebook Apps for Business now (and you should!), you first need to create a plan and strategize accordingly to make the most out of it.

Not sure what to do next? If you’re ready to ramp up your Facebook Marketing, Cibirix can help you come up with the best plan for strategically reaching your targeted audience. Our team has the tools and the know-how to help you improve your digital presence on Facebook, and we can help you to grow your business digitally.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at , or reach out to us online today!

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