See how an “American Only” manufacturer of medical socks got recognition, sales, and coveted brand name propagation on the Web! Pro-Tect Socks is the eCommerce doorway for Crawford Knitting company located in Ramseur, NC. Crawford Knitting Company has a long-standing reputation as one of the best Diabetic and Athletic socks that are copper-infused. Copper Oxide technology is NASA tested and Crawford Knitting was the pioneer in the use of this technology.

Crawford Knitting

Client Requirements

It was the need of the hour to bolster the online reputation of the company as a fully American hosiery company that creates great socks at an affordable price tag. It was deemed imperative to launch a digital maneuver that brings in eCommerce sales to the site through paid advertising and organic marketing tactics on search engines.


Our challenges were multi-fold. We were working in eCommerce systems that offer not the most flexible approach to URL rewriting and .htaccess control. We were also dealing with an antiquated template that was a real hurdle in imparting a world class user experience on the website. Hitting the mark on paid advertising was the third challenge with sky-high cost per click for keywords such as Diabetic Socks, and Athletic Socks. A strategically-creative approach was needed that addressed all the pain points of the users who were willing to see Pro-tect Socks in a completely new light.


Without-a-doubt, our clients desired a good improvement in their product sales graph and awareness of the range of socks they offer. Our Digital Marketing team analyzed their existing website and recommended modifications to increase the sales on Pro-Tect Socks. Based on our analysis we found the following areas which needs to be modified/improved on their existing website.

Landing Page design

To rank Pro-Tect Socks in search engines and spread awareness with sales optimized content, our team designed and developed landing pages on their website for topics such as Pro-Tect Copper Defense Socks, Diabetic Socks for Men & Women, Training & Athletic Socks, Unisex Diabetic socks, etc. and ranked them in search engines.

Digital Marketing

A multi-pronged approach across various channels was needed to positively affect the bottom-line. We had to get down and dirty with all the strategies and tactics we could adopt to increase the proverbial “mouth of the funnel”. The challenge though was not just to rank the site higher or bid smart, but to convert the footfalls into sales. Our digital marketing strategists created custom strategies & followed them on this website as mentioned below.

Web Banner Designs

With the help of website home page banners we promote special product offers for Pro-Tect Socks. Here are some of the creative banners designed for the holiday promotions, for selling specialty socks, and for highlighting their features.

Site Optimization and Content Marketing:

Our team focused on keywords that have a transactional and commercial intent to be included on the website and we optimized them for users considering the latest search engine algorithms. In this process, we improved the existing user experience and optimized content to bring new visitors, engage them and convert them into customers. We created infographics and useful articles that showcase the experience Crawford Knitting has, in the specialty socks industry.


Within a short span of time, the Total Traffic on website was improved by 198.07% with more 326.86% page views in comparison between(16th Nov 2016-31st Dec 2016) & (01st Oct 2016-15th Nov 2016)

Conversions (Sales) improved by 583.33% with a high conversion rate of 129.25% and total Revenue of 592.85% in comparison.