DP Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) helps maintenance managers do manufacturing, facilities and fleet management easier and quicker. DPSI’s solutions are on the cutting-edge of technology and they help in foreseeing and resolving critical maintenance challenges. Known as preventive maintenance tools, they have cloud based and on-premise solutions that scale well.

DP Solutions, Inc. (DPSI)

Client Requirements

A complete inbound marketing solution that combines web’s best practices and merges them with creative front-end design and a robust backend. Someone who could showcase their cutting-edge software products and differentiate them from the offering of other CMMS software companies.


The DPSI website was verbose and didn’t initiate any intended transactions on it. With a cluttered look and an antiquated feel, it was the exact opposite of the image they want to project – that of being on the cutting-edge of technology for their product – iMaint EAM Software and PMC CMMS Software. The content was un-organized and the user navigation journeys were all over the place.

Our Approach

Website Redesign

We redesigned the DPSI.com website with an aim to unclutter the navigation, to present the products first and to present DPSI as the leader in the maintenance management industry. A modern look and feel that matches with their technology upsmanship was essential and core to the website redesign project.

Cibirix worked with all the stakeholders and through elaborate planning guides and processes we designed prototypes and visuals for DPSI that would help them win on the web. Responsive design wasn’t an afterthought but was baked right from the start with clearly marked user journeys on mobile phones.

Digital Marketing

CMMS and EAM as a niche B2B segment has intense competition. We crafted custom strategies for their digital marketing that are tested and proven by our experience. With the help of promotional, organic and CPC campaigns we are constantly increasing their sales conversion and organic Google rankings.

Blog Posts

Search engine optimization is incredibly important for marketers. We optimized the blog posts for DPSI which helped us reach out to more people and make them visible on keywords related to their products on search engines like Google. DPSI blog is considered as one of the most important web resource for CMMS information by Capterra. Monthly blog calendars were scheduled and thus we noticed month-on-month increasing user engagement


Growth in DPSI’s Organic traffic and keyword rankings is noticeable.

Organic Traffic

Continuous growth year-on-year - 17.76% Growth (2016 vs 2015)

Keyword Rankings

As of now, DPSI is ranking on 1st page of Google for more than 40 expensive(Paid) keywords, you can refer to the list below.

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