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How Can Cibirix Help with Your ICO and Cryptocurrency Promotion?

How Can Cibirix Help with Your ICO and Cryptocurrency Promotion?
Apr. 6,

Want your ICO to end in a day or even less? Yes, we know you must be wondering how. But with targeted ICO (Initial Coin Offering) promotion, it is very much possible to match and exceed your blockchain platform targets. Read on further to understand how to do it yourself or bring us as the experts to promote your cryptocurrency. Works well for ICOs as well as plaform promotion.

Quora Promotion


These are some of the most popular Quora threads discussing Cryptocurrencies and yes, we will monitor these and many more threads for you to generate the hype for your ICO.


One of the most important discussion platform in the world. Larger than Quora though there is some noise on that platform. Reddit posting combined with our ability to generate upvotes through white hat promotion methods on Reddit helps us in reminding your customers about the ICO every 2-3 days. We also create blog posts, twitter posts, Facebook posts, and even Instagram stories for your blockchain platform to generate imgur and Reddit links. If you are shortly coming up with an ICO and there are any third-party platforms, that data can be a goldmine as we can use it for promoting the ICO on Reditt.

If you have been active on Reddit, you must have already heard about “What’s Your Opinion” threads under /r/ethtrader, /r/icocrypto, /r/CryptoCurrencies, /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/Altcoin, /r/CryptoMarket. These are some of the subreddits that come to our minds which writing this article for you, but trust us, there are tens more that can matter.

Hacker News

Hacker News rewards technical articles, whitepapers, and even blogs that discuss the tech aspects of your Cryptocurrency business. If you have these content assets, we can utilize the Hacker News platform for you to promote your ICO. We can help you by generating links to your whitepaper or by Show HN:” thread for the whole project, and a “Ask HN: What’s your opinion …” thread.

Facebook Promotion

Through bosted posts, ads, and stories, we can promote your Cryptocurrency on Facebook and Instagram. These are somewhat high risk high reward strategies and we will suggest you be patient before you go ahead jump into this. However, if you work with us directly, chances are that your investment will see a stupendous return. We also help you to post in groups on Facebook and Google Plus. This strategy works well in tandem with ad based promotion.

Cryptocurrency Forums and Bitcointalk

We can help you bump your ANN threads from time to timw with immaculate English and some bump announcements include questions to developers, tech comments, and account discussions. We recommend starting 45 days in advance to your ICO and 5 bumps a day. If you know how to do I, go ahead do it yourself, or else you always have the option to discuss your needs with Cibirix.

How Do These Services Work and What Are the Charges for ICO Promotion?
These services work on a contractual basis depending on the duration of ICO/Cryptocurrency promotion. We will be happy to discuss the costs, just email us or call us for the details. And yes, we do accept cryptocurrency payments, but only in some of the main ones. For details of payments, please contact us.

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