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    Different Types of Content and How to Use Them


    Blog Content

    Blogs are a fantastic way to inform, educate, and even entertain. The best-written blogs go beyond being boring product descriptions or stale sales pitches. They really help your reader to feel like they’re pulling up across the table from you to have a more intimate and personal conversation. Solid blog content has great staying power, and can help you to gain more exposure for your website, improve your search rankings, and ultimately build your brand.



    Ask any digital marketing professional, and they’ll tell you that eBooks are one of the most potentially potent content delivery systems for any successful marketing campaign. eBooks give you the opportunity to target potential buyers in the middle of the sales funnel, and are known to be solid lead generators. For example, nearly two-thirds of B2B buyers are willing to share their contact information in exchange for access to an eBook which they deem to be of particular interest. The key is to design, research, and provide eBook content which your target audience will truly find valuable.



    Infographics are essentially long-form scrolling graphics which communicate relevant information or tell a compelling story in a visually-based manner. Storytelling always has been, and always will be, one of the most effective ways to engage with people, and building a story around eye-catching visuals is even more potent. The proper use of infographics will help your brand to achieve greater search engine exposure, and the right infographic content will also better engage your audience once they click on your site.


    Case Studies

    Case studies are another fantastic content opportunity when it comes to developing an effective content marketing portfolio for your business. A case study typically dives into a specific scenario of how a real-world problem or opportunity was approached, addressed, and solved. Successfully-produced case studies require in-depth research and design in order to share knowledge that’s both relevant and actionable for your readers. Case studies are also a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase one of your successful client projects, along with the results you were able to deliver in the process.


    How to Guides

    People hop onto the internet and conduct searches for many reasons, but one of the most frequent motives is their desire to figure out how to do something. Researching, designing, and publishing some good how-to guides and related content is a great way to scratch where your searchers are really itching! Constructing valuable how-to guides to help both your existing brand community and your potential leads to solve some real-world problems is a great way for you to engage. Ultimately, how-to guides that are well done will also help to demonstrate your expertise and build your brand authority, as well.


    Video Promotion

    Don’t think that video matters when it comes to content marketing? Better think again! In terms of organic traffic, YouTube continues to be the most-visited website in the world – and there really isn’t a close second. Why? In a word, people love to be engaged by videos! That’s why it’s important for your business to take full advantage of video content creation and video promotion. Cibirix can help you to entertain, inform, and inspire your audience through video storytelling, from the concept stage all the way through to effective promotion. If you really want to stand out, make video a part of your content marketing strategy!


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    Content Marketing Services

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    Content Strategy

    Despite all of its dependence upon technology, when it comes to digital marketing, content is still king! That’s why you need an effective content strategy if you really want to grow your business. We’ll partner with you to create a cutting-edge content strategy to help you reach your business goals by exploring the best content options for engaging, educating, and delighting your website visitors and greater target audience.

    Your Own Personal Project Manager
    Content Marketing

    Our content marketing team has the training, tools, and experience to help generate content that actually engages your target audience. We know how to get Google to notice, and we know how to speak to your client and customer base. We’ll help to create a successful plan for leveraging each of your chosen content channels. And the result? Better website traffic, more high-quality leads, more sale conversions, and more brand awareness for your business!

    We’re Always Here for You
    Content Creation

    Not sure how you’re gonna be able to create all that great content? The content marketing production team at Cibirix is here to help! From blogs, to eBooks, to infographics, to whitepapers and case studies, to how-to guides, to videos, to data research, checklists, and templates, our team can help generate fantastic content for practically any marketing or branding need!

    We’re Always Here for You
    Reach Analysis

    One concern that many businesses share when it comes to content marketing is being able to figure out what’s actually working for you – and what isn’t. When you partner with Cibirix, you won’t have those concerns any longer! We’ll dig deep and help you to unearth real data to help you to understand and be able to analyze the real results of your content marketing efforts. And when ou partner with us, we can guarantee that you’ll like the real results our team delivers for you and your business!


    Our team includes professionals who hold certifications in Google Ads, Bing Ads, web development, graphic design, customer experience, L&D, and more!

    We don’t throw that out there to brag, but just to assure you that we know what we’re doing! We’ve managed some large spend budgets on Google, Bing, and Facebook campaigns with great success, and we also have extensive experience in working with international clients. All that is to say, we can take care of you and your digital needs, too!

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