Fraud Warning Disclaimer

Cibirix is committed to operating with the highest levels of transparency and integrity. It’s important to clarify that we do not engage in any form of paid activity on an hourly basis, including task-based payments, nor do we charge fees for placement services.

Unfortunately, we have identified certain unscrupulous individuals falsely claiming affiliation with Cibirix. These entities have been misleading people on various social channels by offering bogus services, projects, tasks, and employment opportunities in exchange for a fee. These fraudulent actors often misuse our trademarks and may solicit money for various purported reasons, including registration charges, fees, setup costs, or travel expenses.

We urge you to be cautious and vigilant against any individuals or entities purporting to represent Cibirix, especially if they request payments for services such as hourly or weekly tasks. Please understand that we categorically do not endorse or authorize any such activities.

Should you encounter any questionable practices or have concerns about unauthorized solicitations using the Cibirix name, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately. Your prompt reporting is crucial in helping us confirm the authenticity of these claims and maintain our commitment to ethical business practices.

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