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Don’t let your website suffer in WordPress hell. Nothing against WordPress, it is a great platform. However, with the theme married to the database and bazillions of heavy-weight plugins, it adds a lot of “seconds” to the user experience. Each of that second alienates your website visitors.

What is GATSBY.JS?

Gatsby.js is a static site generator that doesn’t use the database layer behind the front-end. It uses static files to build the site in the browser, not on the server, as the user enters each page. This means, if the person on your website wants to see the Contact page — the product page is not being rendered.


Fast Websites


Server-Side Rendering for excellent SEO results

Build using Content
Management APIs

(we love Contentful)

Predictive search

(Auto suggest; Google loves it and so do your users)


(Javascript, APIs, and markup)

Gatsby.js Credentials

It’s JavaScript

Unlike other static site generators, Gatsby is here for the long haul.

Rich Community

This translates into – a multitude of technical solutions.


The building block of Gatsby is developed by Facebook.

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