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Turn Visitors into Customers in Shopify with Remarkable Products Pages

Turn Visitors into Customers in Shopify with Remarkable Products Pages
Apr. 16,

A new blog post on Oberlo’s Awesome Blog caught our attention over the weekend. The blog has great inspiration from all around the world of eCommerce. It is about how you can differentiate your product pages from others who are competing with you. Like they say on their blog, it is true that the product page is the last interaction before success or failure. Success is a visit to the Cart and Checkout Pages, and failure is the click to Google for a new search. While it is true that there are cart abandonments and Checkout Abandonment, a product page is where the action exists for thoughtful execution. See on the cart and checkout pages, you can optimize towards conversion, but it is the product page where information architecture and layout plays an important role.

Without wasting much time, let us share the link with you. Click below to get inspiration about eCommerce Shopping Page Design. https://www.oberlo.com/blog/product-pages

Our favorite amongst the examples shown: Pure Cycles. Why? The layout is intuitive and beautiful, and as marketers, we know interaction on the Facebook Messenger can result into great returns. Something many eCommerce stores are not pushing to the fullest. We also love how Pure Cycles displays the social proof through Customer Reviews that re-laid out with perfection. We also like the Heart for adding Cycles and Accessories to the wishlist. While this feature is not new, but the strategic placement of this heart right adjacent to the “Add to Cart” button adds a great touch.

Go explore these exemplary eCommerce ideas. If you need any help with design, setup or marketing of your eCommerce store, please contact Cibirix.

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