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YouTube Marketing Strategy – A Winning Guide to Grow Your Business

YouTube Marketing Strategy – A Winning Guide to Grow Your Business
Jun. 5,

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become the premier social media platform for streaming user-generated video online. In 2016 Google acquired YouTube, and since then we’ve seen it gain 11% of all global video traffic.YouTube now has over 1 billion users!Another trend to notice is how people are viewing YouTube content – over half of all views now occur on mobile devices.

In order to create a robust online presence, businesses should seize the opportunity to create interactive videos and publish them on YouTube in order to create a larger base of followers. And one great feature of YouTube is the fact that it provides users the ability to create their own channels and playlists, which they can customize accordingly in order to develop and execute their own specific video marketing strategies.

Generate More Revenue by YouTube Marketing

So, how can YouTube be beneficial for diverse business owners? If you listen to marketing experts, you’ll know that online users process YouTube videos 60k times faster than by reading static text in blogs or articles.

YouTube isn’t just an economic strategy that’s comparable to Google for describing your products or services; it’s a platform which is well-received by millions of viewers globally. It provides a fast and more engaging way to entice users with your informational content, as well as your products& services.

Videos on YouTube can result in substantial revenue growth because they attract more and more viewers in quick fashion. Below are some tactics you can utilize to attain a greater number of viewers, and ultimately ramp up your sales:

1. Design an Attractive Home Page for Your YouTube Channel

The Home Page of your channel is the first thing users may check, so you need to make it impressive enough to catch the user’s eye. Start by building an attractive, professional-looking home page that effectively describes what your channel is about. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Choose the right, brand-specific profile picture
  • Upload some attractive art for your channel with predefined quality and dimensions
  • Pick a good channel trailer
  • Create some engaging, differentiated playlists
  • Add featured channels
  • Take the time to create an in-depth About Page

2. Settle on the Right Video Format(s)

Marketers say there isn’t any single “perfect” format for effective video marketing. Different styles work better for certain industries. Here are some examples of formats you can play with, and then decide which will work best for your specific business or industry:

  • Interview Sessions
  • Talking Head Videos
  • Screen Sharing Sessions (where you share what you’re doing on a computer screen)
  • Tutorial or How-to Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Product Review Videos

3. Shoot Short Videos

It may not come as a surprise that videos less than 2 minutes in length gain approximately 50% of all views, according to current marketing statistics. Nobody wants to watch a full-length feature film describing the entire history of your business or how it was founded! And nobody wants to watch a video catalogue including every detail of every product or service you offer – boring! But that doesn’t mean you can’t use video to your advantage. Just be sure to create shorter segments that are crisp and concise, especially when describing critical aspects of your products or services.

4. Research Relevant and High-Volume Keywords

Keywords are in fact key elements which make your videos and channel searchable. Valuable, high traffic-generating keywords and tags can result in boosting the rank of your channel, its playlists, and its videos, providing extra visibility in those all-important user search results.This can also lead to more view suggestions for your videos, and can produce more user subscriptions for your content. Because of this, it pays to do some in-depth research of relevant and frequently-searched keywords to use in your tags, titles, and descriptions.

Speaking of tags, properly tagging your videos can greatly enhance your overall channel success. Tags play a vital role in assisting the YouTube algorithm in sorting your videos based on your keywords, so always be sure to tag your videos appropriately, based on sound research.

Also, add keywords to the channel.

While adding keywords and tags to your videos, don’t forget about your channel itself. Tags can make your channel stand out from the competition and make your videos more discoverable outside of YouTube, too. YouTube and other search algorithms look for tags to help decide which videos and channels to feature and recommend; use the right tags to help them find yours!

5. Continuous Content Production

Creating a beautiful channel design isn’t enough to gain viewers; if your channel has no content or very little content, then it won’t produce a sustainable impact.

If you want to engage in YouTube marketing for your business, then you should take along haul approach. It’s important that you post content regularly; it’s also important to employ diverse strategies that will engage a wider variety of viewers.

A long period of silence is detrimental for attracting and retaining users on ANY social media platform, YouTube included. You must be consistent about posting content regularly and intentionally.

6. Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)

Effective calls-to-action (or CTAs) play a vital role in generating actual LEADS, as well as boosting real revenue for your business. The strategy behind YouTube video marketing is to entice viewers, bring them to your channel, show them your content, and THEN give them specific opportunities to become your customer. Typically, you don’t sell anything directly on YouTube. Instead, the idea is to generate leads through your videos. Specific CTAs produce more real customers for you!

7. LinkBack to Your Website

YouTube videos are one of the best ways to direct traffic to your website. You can do this in a couple of effective ways – you can insert a link in the video description,and/or you can add an annotation in your video that will redirect users directly to your site with a simple click.

8. Add End Screens

YouTube Marketing Strategy – A Winning Guide to Grow Your Business

On this same CTA note, YouTube has a great feature where you can add a mobile-friendly End Screen to your video which includes a built-in Call-to-Action. You can add an end screen to prompt users to check your other channels, playlists, or videos. You can also boost your channel subscriber list by encouraging users to hit the Subscribe Button with an End Screen pitch.

9. Advertising with AdWords

As we mentioned, YouTube is now owned by Google, so you can also choose to promote your videos through paid advertisements by using Google Adwords for Video.

You can advertise on YouTube in three ways:

  • With a Promoted video, which displays when users are searching for similar videos on YouTube
  • Through a Pre-Roll ad which displays before a related video starts
  • As a Banner ad which appears when users are browsing the web in general

10. Increase Your Views and Engagement

Attracting viewers is one thing; retaining them as regular users is quite another. One key to retention is by providing consistent engagement with your viewers.

  • Check the comments on your video regularly, and respond to them as quickly as possible!
  • Monitor other mentions of your business brand, and take a moment to engage the users who mention you.
  • Ask questions in your videos and in their video descriptions that encourage viewers to leave a comment. And once they do comment, be prompt to respond!

11. Use Analytics

To learn the specifics of what is working (and what isn’t)with your channel and with your videos, you should take advantage of YouTube Analytics. It offers a comprehensive range of data about your video performance, which will be helpful to you in making future decisions about what to publish.

Check it out regularly to monitor your views over a certain period, to learn the breakdown of your video traffic, and to discover the specific demographics of your viewers.

Final Thoughts

Be consistent – upload new videos regularly!The more you create and publish videos, the more expert you’ll become at producing the right kinds of videos, refining the formats and styles, and utilizing correctly-researched keywords. And here’s another pro tip: be sure to share your videos on multiple social media platforms in order to help multiply your viewer engagement!

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