Carport Central is one of the most well recognized brand throughout the country. A go-to enterprise for anyone who needs metal buildings – right from the small carport user to big industrial buyers.

Needs & Challenges

From experience, we knew that the growth process would be challenging; it involves engineering solutions at every phase. The design, programming, customer relationship, and analytics are crucial elements that help determine the shape and form of an organization based on where it is in its growth phase. We faced and overcame many of those challenges throughout our journey with Carport Central.

Our goal for this website was about more than just selling carports; we wanted to build trust with our customers. Cibirix needed to deliver its promise with a platform backed by active campaigns that would lead to generating hundreds of leads a day. We were able to deliver on our promise, and more!

Our Approach

When we started working with Carport Central back in 2014, our methodology and approach was that of Agile product development, quick, transparent and iterative. Complete partnership with the client to fully control costs and deadlines.

Logos & Creative

Carport Central’s logo is well recognized in the industry and has represented a mark of trust in the circles.

Prototyping & Digital Wireframes

Using robust wireframes to communicate layout decisions and navigation we were able to produce winning designs. With the right hierarchy and only a few iterations, we were able to model the wireframes. Client involvement was a key element to set us in the right direction with this important phase in our design process, as it defined the hierarchy of elements on each page along with a complete sitemap.

Carport Central
Carport Central

Website Design

A website’s design has the capability to capture the interest and trust of a user; however, when advanced design patterns and styles are involved it can be a difficult balance to strike. When these evolutions of the digital space are managed properly, it provides users a richer, more interactive visual experience.

Our visual designers have taken these advancements and turned them into a broad website for Carport Central. Because the top priority for the designers was brand consistency, they were able to structure a website that is not only easily accessible, but also understandable.

3D Images

Visual purchasing has become a new powerful method for sales, allowing users to have a firsthand look at your product which provides plenty of room for sales growth. Our continued research shows us that 3D imaging will be a strong differentiation factor for Carport Central, enabling buyers to have a clearer understanding of how the structure will look once installed.

Paid Search Google Ads

Goal Conversions

From 2015 to 2016 the conversion rating improved by 178.88%, with an increase in the number of conversions by a whopping 363.09%. In 2017, we saw an even higher site conversion rate of 390.44%.

Custom Tools

Team Cibirix is proud to be Carport Central’s digital arm now.

We have developed CRM Tools on top of Zoho CRM using the Zoho API and have recently launched a custom buildings estimator for Carport Central.

See it for yourself at: www.carportcentral.com

More exciting web and mobile app tools coming soon by Cibirix For Carport Central.

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