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5 Easy Tips to Rank Higher in Google 3-Pack Results

5 Easy Tips to Rank Higher in Google 3-Pack Results
Oct. 11,

If you are familiar with Local SEO, then you don’t need any introduction of Google 3-Pack Results. In case you don’t, this article will shed light on what the 3-pack means and how to achieve top results in Google Local and the Google 3-pack on organic search results.

Google 3-pack refers to the top 3 business listings that you may see whenever you search something which has a location modifier (name of a place or a self triggered local search). For example, if you are living in Greensboro, North Carolina and want to get your home roof repaired your possible search query will be like “roof repair Greensboro, NC”. These type of search queries will result in 3-pack listings of the companies that are located in Greensboro and the nearby Triad area of North Caroalina and provide roof repair services.

Google 3-Pack Results

 This is the structure of search engine results you are going to see if your search queries have any specific Geo location. The structure of search engine results you are going to see if your search queries have any Geo location. According to a research, by 2019, local search queries will surpass search engine volume of 140 billion on mobile devices across the USA. It is alarming if you are ignoring the power of local SEO queries. One more thing I would like to mention that the local search engine results provided by Google entirely rely upon the IP address of the user, So it can be possible that two different users get different results of the same search query, even if they are just some miles away from each other.

To be in the industry and optimizing the 3-pack results there are five simple tips you can follow to get higher visibility in local search terms.

1) Fully Optimized Google+ Business Page: The first step you need to take towards boosting your visibility rate in Google 3-Pack results is to create a verified and fully optimized google My Business page. For that, you need to go to “Google My Business,” Log in with your ID password if you don’t have one you can sign up there. Then go to the search bar where it says, “find your business,” type the name of your business and search for your business page. If you found one, then Bingo!! Half of your work is done already, and all you need to do is to claim and verify it through your email address. In case you don’t find your business don’t be panic just create a new one by clicking on “Add Business” and filling the detailed information about your business.

2) Choose the category wisely: When you have got your business verified, then you need to check the business listing category of your business that whether it placed is in the correct place or not. For example, if your business listing category describes you as a Plumber and you are a Painter, It will be useless.

3) Don’t Ignore Local Directories:  If you have been running your business for a considerably longer period of time, then there are some chances that your business is listed on many local business directories.

Business directories such as Yellow Pages(YP), Yelp, Superpages, and Showmelocal are worth enough to help you in optimizing the Google 3-Pack results. You can find many local business directories across the web, and you can claim your business if they have it on their record. It helps a local store to stand out among-st the other competitors in the Google 3-Pack results.

4) Reviews and Reviewers: Positive Reviews for your local business help you in gaining popularity and the trust of customers. The same helps in ranking higher on Google Local too. The thing to not forget here is that the review and reviewer; both are important factors in local SEO. If many users that have fewer reviews and write reviews for you too then, there are chances that your competitor who has less review with strong reviewer profile rank higher than you in 3-Pack Results.

So, don’t just focus on getting reviews on your Google My Business listing also figure out strong reviewer profiles and ask them to write a review for you too.

5) Mobile Friendliness: Having a site which is not mobile friendly can result in low ranking and visibility at local 3-pack results. Having a niche site which doesn’t display proper on mobile devices will damage your efforts to position higher into the local 3-pack. Google’s research Console comes with the AMP feature. You can decide which page you want to get high priority in the mobile search results.
For boosting your local business, you must rank high in the Google’s 3-pack results on your business-based keywords.

The given tips for optimizing your local business listing are simple yet very effective for catching your desired customer through 3-pack results.

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It may be possible that there will be fierce competition in and around your targeted area for your business-based keywords but by following the strategies given above you can create an enormous impact on desired customers.

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