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Effective Ways for Roofers to Track Leads & Streamline Sales

Effective Ways for Roofers to Track Leads & Streamline Sales
Oct. 8,

How much does your roofing business rely on direct calls? Probably quite a bit! But if you aren’t following up on those calls, then you’re getting a lot of good prospects slip through the cracks and fall right into your competitor’s hands.

People don’t pay attention to phone books anymore, and they’re not likely to see a newspaper ad for a roofing company, either. When folks today need to find a local provider for roofing installation, replacement, or repairs and installations, they start by simply going online to search for “best roofers near me.”

Take a moment to conduct a quick online search with the phrase “best roofers near me” for yourself. Which roofers show up at the top of the page? And how far down to have to go to find your own roofing company? That is, if it even shows up in the search results at all!

The good news is that – with the right digital marketing strategy – your company can start getting consistent Page One search results, so you can get seen and get noticed by the very people who need the services you provide! In no time, your phone will be ringing off the hook with a steady stream of questions about roof repairs, roof replacements, gutter cleaning, and all sorts of roof-related questions!

But how will you organize and manage all these leads that come in? Do you already have a good tracking system in place? How you keep track of your leads – and more importantly, how intentional and prompt you are with following up on those leads – could make all the difference between seeing your business continue to struggle, versus seeing it really succeed and grow!

Why Should You Organize and Track Leads?

Let’s be honest, what is the point in getting a lead for a sale if you don’t follow up? Having a good tracking system in place can be the difference in booking a job and letting the work go to the competition. You can’t expect to remember all the details of every call that you make, that’s why it’s so crucial to have an organized system in place to track sales results, track the quotes you gave a customer, and keep up with the calls you’ve made.

1. How Did the Customer Find You?

Where are your calls coming from? Did the customer see your roofing ad on Facebook? Or maybe they just Googled “roofers near me” and your business information popped up? It’s important to know where and how customers found you, so you’ll know what types of advertising are actually working. Effective lead tracking allows you to make the most of your marketing budget, and empowers you to dial in on which strategies are most effective for you.

There are several different ways Cibirix can help you to take advantage of digital marketing so your company can gain maximum exposure:

• Local Service Ads/ Google Guaranteed Ads

Be one of the first roofing companies that customers see when they are searching for someone to do a roof repair by running local roofing ads. Best of all, you only pay for the service if the customer calls you directly from the ad. So, it’s an easy way to get noticed and keep track of where the call came from.

• PPC Campaigns

Maximize your exposure with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This will help your company get to the front page when a customer searches a word or phrase about roofing repairs. These ads will help your business reach the right people at the right time. You’ll be able to choose how much you want to spend and how much you will pay per click.

• Social Media Campaigns

Get seen where people are most, and that’s scrolling through social media. Not only will these ads standout for someone using the site, it will collect the data.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others all have tracking and analytic tools, including: how many people saw the ad and clicked on it, the amount for each click of the ad, and the amount for each phone call.

• Local SEO

Local roofing SEO is a very effective way to help your business be seen by local area searchers who are looking for the kinds of services that you provide! Locally-based searches are essentially like using a digital version of the phone book’s yellow pages and white pages, but they’re much more powerful and focused. The order in which website results are ranked by the search engine is primarily based upon how closely the websites of local providers match up with what the customer is searching for. Getting your roofing business ranked doesn’t take magic, but it does require a particular set of skills and a team who knows what it takes to get you there. Cibirix can get Google and other search engines to recognize your roofing business, and we can ensure that your business consistently shows up in Page One results!

• Lead Source Tracking Tips

  • Establish a name system – By using a unique name, you will be able to find out where the lead came from instead of searching through codes.
  • Use promo codes – You’ll easily be able to find out where the lead came from if the customer uses a promo code.
  • Use web forms with embedded codes When someone fills out a form on the landing page, you’ll be able to find out where they visited from.

2. Tracking Options

You already know that keeping track of leads is important, but so is how you do it.

If you’re trying to figure out how your company should track leads, ask yourself these questions:

What is your budget for keeping up with leads? How much time do you want to spend entering information manually? Do you want to put the time and effort into learning a new software?

3 Ways to Keep All Your Leads Better Organized:

  • Lead Tracking Software – Lead-tracking software is a fantastic way to organize, manage, and prioritize hundreds of leads all in one place. Some popular brands like Salesforce, Freshsales, and Bitrix24 add some other handy features too, like storing specific quote and call log info.
  • Spreadsheets – While spreadsheets aren’t the quickest or most feature-heavy solution, they are one of the cheapest. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then entering sales lead information is relatively simple. The downside is that this method of data entry can also be time-consuming and a bit tedious.
  • Email Campaign Tools – If you use email to maintain a relationship with your customers, then you can also use email to help keep track of important leads. With an effective email campaign, you can store contacts, send mass emails, and even track who opens the email – and who doesn’t.

3. Put it to the Test

After you decide what system you want to use to track leads for your roofing company, then put it to the test.  We recommend having a few people try it out before you purchase the system for everyone in your company. Take advantage of the tutorials, use free trial periods if it is offered, and don’t be afraid to switch the system if it isn’t working for you.

4. Set Up Appointments for Estimates

With your lead tracker in place, you have no excuse to start booking appointments. Call customers back and go get estimates.  Don’t forget to make note of the quote that you gave them!

5. Follow-up After Estimate

Now it is time to put the follow-up into place. With an organized tracking system, you can send automated texts or emails to the customer following up on the roof repair estimate that you gave them and seeing what their thoughts are. You can also send out marketing info that may help them make a decision about the project.

6. Nurture Your Leads

Maintain a relationship with your customers. You can nurture your leads by sending emails after the first snow of the season, pushing out an ad after a heavy rainstorm in the area, or calling to see how their repair is holding up.

7. Prioritize Your Leads

After a while, you will have enough info to prioritize your leads. You’ll be able to arrange your leads for your sales team to easily prioritize based on characteristics (like how quickly the job needs to be completed) and behavior (like whether the client truly seems interested).

Let Cibirix Help You Take Charge of Your Leads!

Cibirix is your go-to digital marketing agency for roofers. We know what it takes to get you noticed, get your website more clicks, and get your phone to start ringing!

Take control of your lead generation today! Reach out to us online, or just give our team a call at to see how we can deliver a steady stream of roofing leads for you, and also help you to streamline your roofing sales process. Let’s start a conversation about how you can GROW your roofing business!

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