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Google Guaranteed Ads for Roofing Contractors: The Ultimate Benefits

Google Guaranteed Ads for Roofing Contractors: The Ultimate Benefits
Sep. 28,

The need for solid leads never goes away, right? That’s why so many roofing companies are turning to Google Guaranteed Ads.

The roofing industry is a competitive one, and in order to stand out from all the other roofing companies out there, you need to get noticed. And what better way to be seen then by advertising on Google?  Google is known for being the king of advertising and driving leads. The platform is one of the best out there for generating leads, phone calls, visits to websites, and brand recognition.

Where exactly will these ads show up? They will be eligible to appear on all of Google’s many properties. This means – the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Maps, and YouTube (which is also owned by Google).

Let’s look into how Google Guaranteed Ads for roofers can help brand and grow your roofing company.

What are Google Guaranteed Ads?

Google Guaranteed ads are basically ads that run in your area to reach out to potential customers that are local.

Here’s a good example of how it works:

If you’re running a Google Guaranteed Ad and someone is looking for a roof repair Googles “roofers near me,” your ad will show up with your business name and a Google Guaranteed badge. These ads also show your specific business location so customers will be aware of where you are so they can call or stop by.

How Can Google Local Service Ads Benefit Your Roofing Business?

It’s simple, Google Local Service Ads will help you get noticed, which will lead to more calls.  And these are solid leads we are talking about because these people are looking for local roofer services near them. They aren’t just shopping around for prices and going to think about it, these customers need roof repairs or installations done right now, so you want to make sure your company is the one that is seen to book the job.

Here’s what you get with Google Guaranteed ads:

Google Guarantee – Your Badge of Honor & Trust

People trust Google for everything, so it makes sense that they would trust Google to help them choose between businesses.  Having the ultimate badge of business honor will help build trust with a homeowner and give them the confidence to pick up the phone and call your roofing company.

Pay Per Lead Pricing –  Paying for Possible Leads

You’ll be charged only when someone clicks on your ad to:

  • Get location details
  • Get directions
  • Use Mobile clicks-to-call

So, if you think about it, you’re basically paying for every solid lead you get. It’s a cost-effective way to get real results, real fast.

Competitive Advertising – Weeding Out the Competition

If you’re not running local service ads, then you’re missing out on about 14% of potential leads! Think about it: if you run a local service ad, then you’re competing at the top with maybe one or two other companies in the area that are also running an ad. Without the ad, your website gets buried at the bottom of the page, and you end up competing with the hundreds of other roofers in the area and take a chance on your site getting passed by.

Highlight Positive Reviews & Ratings – Let Customers Know You’re Good

Let’s be honest, how many times has a good review been the deciding factor on whether you make a purchase or not?  Probably more times than you can remember.  So, shouldn’t your roofing company have plenty of good reviews for potential customers to go through?  Google Ads will help generate positive reviews for your business and make sure they are seen.

Increased Visibility in Local Service Areas – Finding the Perfect Match

These ads are developed to meet the needs of local supply and demand, and that’s what they do. You will be matched up the perfect client in your area that is looking for the type of service that you can provide. Not only will you get more work locally, but you’ll grow your brand recognition from being connected to other local ads.

Easy Calls & Leads Management – Contacting Serious Customers

You’ll be able to keep up with your calls and leads right on Google Guaranteed Ads Leads Management Dashboard. It’s a pretty cool feature that will allow you to reply to the customer, call them, or decline their request.  After you follow up with the lead and you book the job, you can also use this feature to send confirmation emails and generate reviews.

Track Appointments – Keep Up with What Works

As leads come in, you can see how many people are booking your business.  This will help you keep track of appointments and know when there are openings in the calendar. If things get too busy, then you can put your ad on hold, that way you aren’t paying for leads that you can’t get to work on.

What are You Waiting for? Get Started on Local Service Ads Today!

Cibirix is the one and only stop you’ll need for all of your online marketing needs. We have a successful record of helping roofing companies grow their business by being online. When you partner with Cibirix, you are working with a team of Google Certified experts who will setup and manage everything on the Google Ads platform to give your roofing business the maximum exposure.

Cibirix is your digital marketing agency for roofers! Get in touch with our experts today and see how we can use Google Local Service Ads for Roofers!  Email us at sales@cibirix.com or call .

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