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5 Points To Remember Before Hiring a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Agency

5 Points To Remember Before Hiring a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Agency
Feb. 6,

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a digital marketing agency to accomplish great advertising goals for your business.

Maybe you got wedged in your business and needed some help in managing your marketing and promotions. Or maybe you’re not so very confident of your current marketing company’s performance. Whatever the case may be, but with this blog you would be able to accomplish an astounding goal of your business.

Hiring a PPC agency can be a tough task, as it’s undeniable that you’re hiring because you’re not an expert in this stream/field. So having some knowledge about your marketing campaigns and what would be your strategy is a must. Hence, we suggest you to focus on finding an agency that is a fit as per your business needs.

Here are some points you should remember before hiring the Best PPC Marketing Agency.

#1 Transparency

a) Do they have clear fee structure as per your budget and requirements?

This is the first thing you need to ask your agency to know about their payment structure, to check if there are any hidden charges (Extra tax or ad spends) because every company has their own approach to charging you as per the services they provide. So you should be aware of the transparency and packages they are offering as per your budget and requirements.

b) Do you need to sign a long-term contract OR they have any customized plans?

Every Digital Marketing Agency or PPC company have their own terms and conditions, so we suggest always to check and sign a contract before hiring one. As many companies require a six month or even a yearly contract, so it’s important for you to know exactly what they’re offering you, what happens if you break the contract or are they offering any custom packages as per your requirements.

c) Who “owns” your accounts? Do you have the admin credentials of your PPC accounts?

Remember you’re hiring a company to run the marketing of your business, so having the ownership of all your PPC accounts is a must. Beware of the agencies who would own your accounts, because data is the main asset of this industry and if something went wrong between you and your agency, you need to be sure that you are the owner of your ad accounts.

#2 Experience

a) Is your agency experienced enough to handle your business?

It’s always a safe side to hire an experienced PPC marketing agency in your business segments, because experience plays a vital role in PPC advertising, If your company knows about your business industry and what they are doing, they would be able to bring tremendous results for you. So it’s always an excellent choice to look for a versatile agency who knows about your industry.

b) Does your company have a team of certified AdWords & Bing experts?

In PPC marketing, you need to spend on different ad campaigns to promote your business, so you have to be so sure with your agency to know about who will be handling your ad accounts, are they experienced enough and certified experts or not. The best thing you can do to check whether your agency is a Google Partner company or not. You can quickly check that here: https://www.google.co.in/partners/?hl=en-GB#a_home

#3 One Stop Solution – Do they provide other essential services to cover complete marketing solution?

It’s always better to choose a 360° digital marketing agency which can provide you all the required services for your business. They are cost-effective, and they can offer you extra technical services along with marketing. For example, they can update and improve your website structure, because digital marketing is a massive process. What if your ad account is excellent, having perfect ad copies with the best performance but not generating results for you because of the poor website or landing page. In this situation, your versatile agency can provide you the best solution.

#4 Quality & Process – Is your agency results-driven?

Every digital marketing company has their own process to handle your PPC campaigns. As you are paying for your campaigns, you should know what their plans are to bring you excessive results. Ensure that they have a clear strategy with a defined process, so that they can achieve your business objectives. Try to know how much time they will take to boost your business and make sure the commitments are real not just in words.

#5 Reporting & Support – How they will provide the support and reporting for your accounts?

Communication plays a key role in taking the business forward and when an external agency is involved, communication becomes all the more vital. You should know what would be the communication intervals? How are you going to contact your agency in case of any questions? What should be the duration of reporting, weekly or monthly? What kind of support services are they offering?

A trustworthy real PPC Marketing firm always provides regular communication, reports, and support to their clients. They should share all the work and strategies they are implementing for your business with defined progress. How frequent they are? Because Internet Marketing is a continuous and dynamic process, you can’t stop performing your activities regularly. So it would always be a better choice if you communicate your requirements accurately at the beginning only so that the company can set up your project to achieve exceptional business goals.

I hope you now have a better idea about the things you should consider before hiring a PPC Marketing firm. A great Digital Marketing Company will always be very transparent with you in terms of what they are offering, what will be the pricing, how they can provide you the real results. If you still have any question, feel free to reach out to sales@cibirix.com and we can come up with some results-driven PPC plans for you as per your business goals and challenges.

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