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Why You Must Go Online with Your Business Now

Why You Must Go Online with Your Business Now
Jan. 24,

As of January 2019, there are more than 4 billion internet users on planet Earth. To say that the Digital Revolution has firmly taken hold may be one of the biggest understatements of modern society! Anyone with a brain and a pulse knows what a website is. What some business leaders have yet to understand is how important it is to have a good business website, and how much a website can help grow their business.

As of 2016, 46% of U.S. small businesses still didn’t have a website, either because they thought a business website would be irrelevant or would be too expensive (according to a survey from research firm Clutch). These businesses are missing the fact that a website can benefit you in many ways, like increasing your visibility, verifying your existence, giving you better marketing opportunities, gaining more customers, and increasing your bottom-line sales and revenue. According to Oneupweb, the smooth and convenient shopping experience offered online and our instant access to vast information has changed the habits and upped the expectations of consumers, no matter what they’re looking for.

Here are some important points to help you understand why having a good website is necessary for your business, and how it can be used to help you achieve your business goals.

1- Search Engines and Search Results –

Google is not only a search engine; it’s now seen as an Answer Engine. You simply ask, and it promptly spits out all the information you could ever want related to your question or query! Modern people don’t hesitate to ask Google about anything and everything, including about what to buy. One survey reports that 88% of consumers begin their buying process with a search engine. If your business is on the web, then you are eligible to get listed in the search results of Answer Engines like Google. And if your business is NOT on the web … well… then you’re just selling to 12% of your market, leaving 88% of your potential money on the table for your competitors to grab!

2- Getting Into the Market –

You’ve done a lot of research and have designed an amazing product for your target market; you know it’s going to be the best solution to help them solve their problem or meet their need! But if you’re not on the web yet, you’re not effectively reaching them with your message. They don’t know you have the solution to their problem! That’s where your website can play a crucial role in telling your story, and letting your target market know what you have to offer and how your product can actually help them.

Websites are one of the best means of communication, and they give you the ability and scope to help get the word out about your products and services.

3- Interactions and Calls-To-Action

A website enables your business to design an all-inclusive experience with engaging content and visuals, which are also supported by interactive graphics that catch and keep your browsers’ attention. Modern business website designs offer many great ways to communicate with your audience and draw their attention towards your brand and the unique products and services you provide.

One important element you should include on every page of your website is a simple, good-looking, and action-oriented Call-To-Action. These Calls-To-Action should be designed to help drive your users deeper into the buying process, and they’re a great tool to help convert more of your browsers into buyers.

4- Monitoring the Results

When you launch a business website, there are many analytical tools available to help you monitor your website’s performance. You can track everything from how many visitors you get in a day, to which pages were visited the most, to who reached out with an inquiry about your products or services. Tools like Google Analytics provide in-depth detail of all the traffic, leads, and sales from your website, making it super easy to track actual returns on your online investments.

5- Target Audience Understandings

With website analytics tools, you can also filter for very specific information about your website visitors, including demographics, age, gender, behaviors, preferences, what they search for, what they like the most, what they dislike, which content or product they interact with the most, and at which page or stage they bounce or exit from your site. Everything about your visitors can be analyzed, and this data can provide valuable insights about your target audience.

6- Building Your Network

Having a good business website not only helps you gain customers; it can also help you to gain business partners and improve your overall network. It’s not just consumers who are looking at your website. There are also many individuals and businesses out there looking for someone they can partner and grow with together.

7- Online Marketing

Going digital will allow your business to enjoy the power of all the amazing online marketing perks that come with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. There are many techniques available, both pain and non-paid, which can help you to boost the performance of your website and meet your desired business goals.

Here are some eye-popping stats to consider – 74% of people trust social networks to guide their purchasing decisions, and 60% of consumers have been influenced by social media or blogs while shopping in-store. With the increasing awareness about the web and what it has to offer, investing in digital marketing is one of the best business spends you can make.

8- Round-The-Clock Availability 24/7/365

Websites are one of the most effective tools for reaching your customers 24/7/365. Having a website means you are accessible to your customers anytime, anyplace, without having to staff a physical location around the clock. And if you go with a mobile-first website design, you’ll capture more of your potential customer base as well. As of December 2017, 82% of online users in the United States used a mobile device for online shopping, with 35% of those being mobile-only online shoppers.

9- Signs of Credibility

Your business website gives you multiple opportunities to tell your visitors why they should choose you. You can add testimonials, awards, positive customer reviews, successful years of operation, information about your business partners and network, safety and security authorizations, and all of your greatest stories. You may not be able to say all these things to a potential customer each and every time they walk into your store, but your website can.

10- The Best Catalog For Your Offerings

Websites serve as the best catalog of your business offerings, with an immense scope to go deeper. You can add any and every detail about all your products and services through your website online, from listing products, to including important manuals and product documents, to offering online checkout, to telling your business story. You can add as many pages and as much information as you want, in order to help your customers through the buying process.

11- Low-Maintenance Sales Person

Your website is the lowest-maintenance sales person you can ever have. It works for you 24/7/365, and only requires a small hosting and maintenance/update cost. If planned and designed strategically, your website can earn you some of the best return on your business investment.

12- Global Reach

With traditional revenue generation techniques, you can only reach out to a very limited part of the market. A website makes your business available and shown to a much larger market with only a relatively small cost investment. Being on the web will give you many opportunities to expand your business in previously untapped markets.

13- Improved Support with User-Generated Content

When it comes to effective communication and marketing, Content is King. Designing your website to be a helpful hub of information is a great strategy for engaging your visitors. Adding a FAQs or forum section on your website will benefit your business in many ways. Allowing people a forum to share their questions, experiences, feedback, and suggestions will improve the customer experience for your browsers. And when your customers actually help each other in this way, it frees up your customer support service staff to focus on other matters. You can also answer many of your customers’ most common questions in the FAQ section, which should minimize the number of general customer inquiries you receive and empower you to give more focus to solving specific problems or questions for your customers. If used proactively, your website can really beef up your customer support capabilities!

14- Data Center for Your Business

A business website doesn’t just benefit your customers; many business owners use their website as the main Data Center for their employees and partners, too. Websites have no limitation on the amount of resources you can build into them! Creating detailed pages about your products and services, uploading user manuals, including information about processes, lead times, and delivery updates can save you a lot of management time. Websites are incredibly handy, if handled purposefully. You just need internet access to tap into all the possibilities!

15- Long-Lasting Value

Websites aren’t huge investments. How much you spend really depends upon your requirements and the scale of your business. If you need a small blog or informational website and you possess some technical skills, you’ll just need to invest in hosting and domain. There are many simple DIY website builders/ frameworks available that provide you the flexibility to set up your website and create the pages. But, if you want to get the best value out of a strategic, custom-designed website to meet all of your business needs, you should really go with a professional website design company. There are many reasons to invest in a website, not least of which is the fact that it will last longer than all of your promotional campaigns without the recurring cost. Unlike paid ads on newspaper, television, radio, and even Google or Facebook ads, websites will continue to work for you organically. A well-designed website can give you great returns over the long run, for only a relatively small investment.

Hopefully by now you understand how imperative it is to have a good website if you really want to grow your business. Ready to get started? Give the website experts at Cibirix a call at , or reach out to us online today!

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