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Google Ads Update – All About Optimization Score

Google Ads Update – All About Optimization Score
Dec. 20,

Heads up Google Ads users – there is an update of the Optimization score in Google Ads. Now you can score your campaign optimization and enhance the performance of the campaign. Here’s a look at what is the meaning of optimization score and how it works?

What is the Optimization Score?

The optimization score is the new feature introduced by Google. It’s an estimation of how well your Google account campaign is set to perform. Optimization Score runs between 0% – 100%, the higher the score, the more is the potential of performing the campaign, 100% score means that your campaign is at its full potential.

How to Increase Your Optimization Score

Google provides a list of recommendations along with the optimization score, which helps you to improve the overall performance score for your account. The list of recommendations is available at Campaign, Account, and Manager Account level, and it includes the change in keywords, bids strategies, ad extension, ad copies, and others.

As the optimization score is calculated in real-time, the list of recommendations is different for every campaign. It list depends on various factors that include, performance history of the campaign, current settings, Google Ads trends, and search volume.

The recommendations will impact your optimization score. When you apply any recommendation, the percentage of optimization score will increase. You can also dismiss any of the recommendations if it’s not applicable for your campaign, or it does not match your goals or strategies for a campaign. Your overall optimization score will change by applying and dismissing the recommendations.

Pros & Cons of Using Optimization Score


To run a successful PPC campaign, optimization plays a very crucial part, and optimization score helps you to track your optimization for all your search and shopping campaigns. By applying & dismissing the recommendations, you can measure & improve your optimization with a score. Here are some benefits of the optimization score.

  1. Guide to Optimization Recommendations: Based on the complex and changing algorithm of Google ads, the optimization score provides the expert tips to optimize your campaigns. The recommendation list is a strong asset that guides you to create a successful PPC Campaign.
  2. Identify Running Problems in the Campaign: Identifying all the running issues in every campaign is challenging, and when you are handling a huge account, it can be more challenging to manage all the issues in all the campaigns. The recommendation list provides an overview of all the problems with actionable suggestions to rectify the problems in one place. You can check each suggestion in detail and apply the changes there only. This helps in managing campaign issues more effectively.
    Example: You can discover the negative conflict keywords, redundant keywords, missing ad extensions, etc. in the recommendation list. You can apply the changes as per your campaign requirements.
  3. Accurate Evaluation of Score Improvement: The future progress of the campaigns can be evaluated by the accurate estimation provided with each recommendation. For Example: If a recommendation suggests by applying, you can get an 8% increase in your optimization score, you can be sure, by making the changes, the optimization score will increase by 8%.
    Accurate estimation also helps you to understand the importance of different types of recommendations in the optimization score. For Example – In the Optimization score, the percentage increase of an ad extension recommendation will be less than the percentage increase of adding a responsive ad recommendation.
  4. Effective & Save Time: You can check all the insights of recommendations at a single dashboard. This will help you to optimize the campaigns quickly & effectively. You can save your time by using detailed insights, and with the estimated impacts, you increase the performance of your campaigns.


Optimization score provides great insight to optimize the campaign, and also it is a great metric to measure the success of your campaign. Along with the benefits, unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the optimization score that you should know.

  1. Recommendations may not correct for New Campaigns: Optimization score provides insights based on the past performance of the campaign. For the new campaigns, If you are having some trouble with the result, you can find some recommendations that may not help in improving the campaign performance You can dismiss the recommendation, but you have to analyze what your campaign requires to increase the performance.
  2. Increase in Budget: The list provides the different recommendations that impact your budgets, such as change in bid strategies (manual to auto), increase in CPC or budgets, etc. It also provides a graph that shows you the impact on the changes. But you have the option to dismiss the recommendation as per your budget requirements.
  3. Focus on Automation: Automation is a great way to save time and produce a consistent result for your campaign. With too much automation on a campaign, you miss out on the good opportunities. It’s not necessary that for every campaign, you can apply the same automation strategy. To increase the performance of the campaign, you need to keep a close watch on your campaign’s budgets, bids, CPC, CPA, etc.
  4. You May Get Blind Sided: You may think that by implementing all the changes provided in the recommendation list, there will be an increase in the campaign performance, that is true but not enough. The optimization score does not provide you the complete story. It provides the recommendations based on past performance; It may not provide the complete insight of all the other metrics that are important for your campaign success. Along with the recommended changes, you need to keep checking the other metrics that will lead to increasing the performance of your campaign.

The optimization score is a great tool that will help you to boost the performance of the campaigns by optimization of the campaign in the right direction. There are some benefits and some drawbacks of using the optimization score, but it is a great tool if you use it in the right and effective way.

If you have queries about the optimization score and how you can use it to make a campaign successful, feel free to contact our highly professional PPC team. Call now  or Inquire Online at Cibirix Digital Marketing Agency to get the best solution.

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