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Ready to Take Your Shed Company to the Next Level? Time to Go Digital!

Ready to Take Your Shed Company to the Next Level? Time to Go Digital!
Apr. 16,

The Shed and Storage Building Market in the U.S.

Demand for sheds and storage buildings in America continues to be strong. Americans have more accumulated “stuff” than ever, and they really like the convenience of having their own personal storage shed in the backyard. But while demand continues to be high, the number of players in the game has increased as well. Buyers nowadays are spoiled for options when it comes to selecting from among the many shed manufacturers and dealers. How can you set your business apart, and set it up for better success? One of the best things you can do is get your business online and start taking advantage of the many available digital tools, platforms, and marketing strategies.

Tips for Growing Your Shed Business Online

Perhaps you’re one of the many shed manufacturers or retailers who’s primarily operated as a brick-and-mortar facility or physical retail lot up to this point. Whether you’re interested in truly moving towards creating an e-commerce platform or not, there are still many things you can do digitally to increase customer engagement, improve your customer experience, generate more leads, make more sales, and ultimately GROW your business. Here are just a few helpful tools, tips, and strategies you should consider:

  • Business Website

If you don’t yet have a business website established, you really need one. And if you do have a website, but it’s outdated and not designed for optimal customer engagement, then your old website really needs an overhaul. Your website needs to be current about all the shed options you offer, and it also needs to include plenty of photos of your products. And the more pictures of recently-installed sheds you can feature, the better.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Having a well-designed, modern website is crucial, but that won’t do you much good if no one actually knows it exists. That’s where SEO comes in. It’s important that you have an effective, strategic plan for optimizing your shed business website such that it will more readily appear in your prospective browsers’ search engine results. For some tips on how to create better SEO results, click here. Creating a Google My Business account is another smart strategy for helping your business to get seen online.

  • Create a Content Calendar

Getting browsers to click on your site is one thing; getting them to stay once they’ve arrived is another. It’s very important that you put in the time to create content that’s relevantengaginghelpful, and hopefully even a little bit entertaining. How many times have you clicked onto a website, only to click off again after just a few seconds because there was really nothing on the site to grab and keep your attention? Take some time to really get to know your customers and prospective customers, and work to create content that will actually speak to them where they are. Ultimately, you want to then build a bridge that will help connect your customers with all the benefits of owning one of your sheds.

  • CTAs, Online Chat & Digital Communication

Having great content on your site is important, but that alone won’t do much to drive your business if you don’t also provide some simple and compelling ways for your customers to respond. It’s imperative that you build CTAs (calls to action) onto every page of your site. If you can get your browsers to want to click for more information, then you can start creating some actual leads. It’s also a good idea to build in an online chat tool that’s easily accessible on every page. You’ll also want to staff your chat tool with someone that’s both knowledgeable about your product, and also equipped with some solid customer engagement skills. And speaking of communication, make sure you’re prompt in following up with customer questions, forms, and emails. The longer you let an initial contact sit cold, the lesser your chances of converting them into a customer.

  • 3D Visualizer Tool

One tool that EVERY shed company who wants to grow needs to build into their website is an online visualizer tool. There are a range of simple tools like color visualizers available, but the best visualizers take advantage of full 3D rendering and actually allow customers to design their own custom sheds right on your website. The 3D Estimator from Cibirix is both powerful in its capabilities, and also incredibly simple for customers to use. It’s been designed and customized for use by metal building, carport, and shed providers, and is really the best such visualizer on the market. Customers can not only create their own custom building design with accurate built-in pricing, but they can also save it, email it to their own inbox, and even use their created design to initiate their building order with you. Another nice feature of the 3D Estimator is that it’s fully accessible, not just from desktops and laptops, but also from any tablet or smartphone.

  • CRM Solution

Every growing business needs an effective and efficient way to manage all of its customer and lead relationships. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools provide a platform to help you seek out and track new potential customers, while also offering a better system for staying in touch with the clients you already have. CRM software gives your sales team a way to log communication touchpoints and manage leads, and it also provides valuable data to help you with your marketing campaign efforts. The Sensei CRM from Cibirix is specially-designed for building manufacturers and retailers, and it also integrates seamlessly with the 3D Estimator!

Let Cibirix Provide the Best Digital Solutions to Help Your Sheds Business GROW!

Cibirix is a digital marketing, branding, and web design team that serves clients in many industries and fields, but we have carved a special niche for outdoor building and shed providers. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop the best 3D Estimator and Sensei CRM for businesses like yours! And in the tough business climate we’re all facing right now, we’re also happy to provide you with two special offers to help you get started:

  • Now is a great time to partner with Cibirix, because we’re offering a 5% COVID-19 Relief Discount for any new digital branding, marketing, or web design project. In addition, we’ll provide a matching 5% donation to a charity that’s helping to fight the impacts of COVID-19. We want to help your business, AND we want to do our part to help others in their time of need.
  • If you’re ready to tap into the power of our Sensei CRM, you can get started on a FREE test drive of our customer relationship management software that’s good through June of 2020. No strings attached! Just reach out and let us know you’re interested, and we’ll be glad to get you signed up for your free Sensei CRM trial now!

Ready to start saving time and effort, engage more customers, empower your employees, and enable your sheds business to really grow? Helping businesses to Rise Digitally is what we’re all about! If you have any questions, or are just ready to take advantage of these special offers from Cibirix, go ahead and contact us today! And in the meantime, let’s all stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful, and keep growing together!

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