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Why You Should Use Facebook Business Manager for Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Why You Should Use Facebook Business Manager for Facebook Marketing Campaigns
Sep. 12,

Cibirix has some bold statements in its taglines and in its the marketing communications. We tell you that we exist to help you design and market better. Sometimes that phrase sounds a little cliché. Clients tell us, that is what everyone says: People who know the digital marketing business even peripherally, claim to be the experts in Digital Marketing and high conversion optimization.

However, we would like to prove and stand by our statements. Let us show you by using one of the key services that Cibirix offers: Facebook Marketing or specifically, Facebook Advertising Management.

Cibirix has a Business Management account system where we manage client accounts totaling over a million dollars a year. Yes! You read it right. Cibirix has a small but real digital marketing team that ensures you succeed in the market if Facebook marketing is your preferred choice. And why should it not be? Facebook has access to more people’s computers, phones, and lives than any other social marketing channel. Whether it is right or wrong, Facebook has that kind of access and whether it is a monopoly or not is a different discussion altogether. However, if you’re a client looking to make your services and products well-known to the world, Facebook marketing is a vehicle you need your hands on.

Facebook Business Manager – What’s the Deal?

It Saves Time

During my many client interviews, I’ve found that they think Facebook Business Manager is too complicated and is at most- a fad. This cannot be further from the truth. Facebook Business Manager is an indispensable tool for advertisers and marketers that let you overcome project management challenges. It is a beautifully-designed tool with a plethora of options. For an advertising agency like Cibirix, it saves us time. Tasks that we can do off your page as Page Advertisers or Page Admins, can be done easily using the Business Manager tool. If it saves time for us, it saves money for you. Isn’t that what you want? A partner who can create campaigns profitably, and within days; not months!

It Offers recognition for Advertising Agencies

If you’re an ad agency reading this blog post, understand that you can quickly check in and measure all your accounts, all within one interface with less room for error. The Facebook Business Manager brings greater transparency all around and proves your professionalism from the start.

Your Partners are Not Your Facebook Friends

Walk away from an agency if it tells you that they need to be your Facebook friend to be able to manage your page. That is not true. I’ve educated many clients on this and rather making your Facebook page and your Facebook Ad Account agency-centric, you need to make it Business-centric. If you procrastinate in creating an ad account for your business page, your agency will own your Facebook existence. Can you afford to change your agency then?

Moreover, and most probably, this agency did not know of a huge advantage that they can accrue by being the “partner” rather than the owner. Facebook recognizes them as the managers of ad spend. As I stated above how I claimed we manage more than $1million of spends. We can talk to directly to Facebook and get issues resolved if they any arise. In a very short time, we will become one of the few Facebook Partners and Blueprint Certified companies.

But Facebook Account Permissions Are Complicated and Facebook Business Manager Will Make Them Even More Complicated

I would admit that the first half of this claim is correct. Facebook uses the same terminology for different things and yes, it is confounding to an advertiser. However, Facebook Business Manager in no way adds to this confusion.

I am Connected the Old Way and Now Need to Change Habits

Well yes, I hear that from a lot of agency friends, new marketing employees that I hire, and even from clients. The Old model of connecting with a business page required your agency contact to access the client’s assets (Page/Ad Account) using their personal Facebook account.

If you’ve been connected as an Admin previously, adding that account or Page into a Business Manager account doesn’t change that permission level. You still have the exact same access as before

Facebook Business Manager – The Best Way Forward for Business Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s Ever-Growing Network

If you are a startup business or an enterprise wanting to find an agency who can work with you to bring Sales, Leads, create a mesmerizing Canvas ad or bring efficiency to your Sales team, we got it covered for you. I know you may have questions, a plethora of them. If you have questions such as:

  1. What Business Manager is and why Facebook uses it?
  2. Step-by-step process to set up Business Manager the correct way.
  3. How to efficiently add partners and add assets such as product catalogs.
  4. How Business Manager drives ROI effectively.
  5. What are Business Manager accounts, page roles, admin tasks, pixels, billing, and much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Ask me any question you may have about Facebook Marketing here.

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