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5 of the Hottest B2B Lead Generation Strategies

5 of the Hottest B2B Lead Generation Strategies
Sep. 12,

Do you have a well-planned lead generation strategy? Have you met those goals you’ve set for yourself? Whether you’ve exceeded them, met the bare minimum, or simply missed your goal, it could all change in 2020. With the new year approaching quickly, businesses are beginning to reevaluate their old strategies and hunt for new, more effective ones. In this article, we’re going to explore five of the hottest B2B lead generation marketing strategies today, going deeper into how they can truly help your business.

Create an Effective Game Plan

Which B2B lead generation strategies work best? For most every company that is searching for a new marketing strategy, this is the first question that is asked. And the answer will depend mainly on who you ask. The strategy that works best for one company may not necessarily work for yours. The strategy that can truly help your company generate more leads will vary based on what your company is about and your target audience. But with all variations aside, there are five strategies that continuously come out on top for several reasons. Keep reading to find out more!

Create Valuable Content

Content is king, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a head fit for the crown. But for companies who have interesting stuff to share with the world, such as videos, articles, and more, this marketing strategy could be the answer. When considering this strategy, it’s important to keep in mind that even though valuable content can increase your exposure and outreach, you don’t need to create content just to create it. Your content needs to be valuable to someone, to your target audience. A study done by Walker Information, a customer intelligence firm, predicts that by the year 2020, customer experience will surpass product and price as the key brand differentiator. So, with this in mind, you need to take your consumers into consideration when creating content. You need to ask yourself how they will react and feel. The only risk to this approach is that you will be doing what everyone else is doing, including your competitors. But it’s also important to test what does or doesn’t work for you, refining your lead generation strategy over time.

Optimize Your CTA and Landing Pages

Another excellent strategy for lead generation is to optimize your CTA (Call to Action) and landing pages. When your landing pages are clear, straightforward, and focused on one individual goal, you can minimize the amount of confusion or distractions your audience may experience. Your call-to-action should also be straightforward; you want your audience to know exactly what to do with the information you’ve just given them. And with engaging content, your audience will be led to follow your CTA.

Be #1 with Search Marketing

When it comes to generating leads for your company, search marketing is one of the most valuable, long-term strategies used today. Search marketing uses SEO services to increase your visibility in the digital world. When used correctly, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services will increase your number of views and allow you to generate more leads through a number of search engines. But in order for this approach to work properly with these SEO services, you need to have a strong content marketing strategy. Your strategy not only needs to be valuable for your audience, but it needs to be one that your team can reinforce consistently.

Consider Thought Leadership

If you are constantly pushing your audience to make a purchase, you need to rethink your approach to generating leads. With the thought leadership strategy, you need to “think smarter.” Ask yourself what you can do to be a better leader? Marketer? Businessperson? When you generate constructive content to help someone or to help another company, it will make them want to know what you have to say. It may be hard to fathom, but if you try to create content that helps others rather than sells them your product or service, it will make them trust you.

Automate Your Sales Outreach

Buyers are always doing a ton of research, digging deep to better understand companies and their products or services. You need to be fast and available at all times so when buyers want to connect with you, you are there to help them if needed. If you aren’t reaching out quick enough, your competitors will. To solve this issue and stay one step ahead of the competition, you should consider taking advantage of automation tools. Automation tools such as chat bots on your website with instant routing to a specific department or artificial intelligence bots that can respond to new leads with emails can help you stay connected at all times. By automating your sales outreach, you can not only reach your target audience, but you can go beyond that.

Call Cibirix for More Lead Generation Strategies

We understand how difficult lead generation can be, especially when you see a certain strategy working for a company that did not work for you. But the key to finding the right strategy for you is to know who your audience is and know how they will interact with your business. Don’t think of a lead as just some random potential client; think of leads as potential clients that are only one step away from you. You simply need to grasp their attention. Have more questions about lead generation strategies and how to choose the right one for you? Cibirix is here to help you in every way we can. Call us today at and let us help you grow digitally.

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