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8 Powerful Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads for Your Business

8 Powerful Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads for Your Business
Apr. 8,

Let’s be honest, the long list of social media channels keeps growing. So, how do you pick just one to make your company stand out when advertising? There’s an easy answer to your solution – Facebook.

Facebook Ads still reign supreme over all social media sites. And there’s a good reason why. The site has mastered its advertising strategies to help get you in front of your targeted audience. If you’re not using Facebook for advertising, you’re crazy not to. And the good news? You don’t need a huge budget to impact a ton of people. It’s one of the quickest and cheapest forms of advertisement that can produce almost immediate results.

Ready to reach thousands of people in just a few hours? Keep reading to find out how Facebook is the advertising strategy you need to get big results.

Why Your Business Should Say “Yes” to Facebook Ads

1. Facebook is Still the King of Social Media

Social media has never been more crowded these days. There’s Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – the list keeps growing. But no matter how many social media sites keep popping up, people are still spending a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook. Americans are actually on the site an average of 40 minutes per day. And when it comes to people around the world – 80% of them are using Facebook. That’s a lot of eyes on one site and a ton of possibilities to get those eyes on your business.


2. Facebook’s Organic Reach is Pretty Much Dead

Did you know that less than 5% of your Facebook followers will actually see the updates that you post? It’s pretty sad, but it’s true. The days of posting updates and offers on your Facebook business page for your customers to see are gone.

You’re probably wondering why this is happening, right? It’s simply because it is the way Facebook works. The news feed is designed to show content that is most relevant to each individual user. So, instead of seeing 1,500 or more updates from pages and your friend’s new photos, you only end up seeing about 300.

The good news? You see more content that is more engaging. The bad news? People are missing out on a ton of other content that could also be engaging, like an update from your company. Facebook Ads help you get in front of your audience when you need to.


3. Facebook Ads are Extremely Customizable

Facebook Ads offer targeting that is pretty amazing. You can easily get your ads in front of the users you want to target. You can find users based on location, demographics, age, interests, behaviors, and connections.

You select your advertising goals, and Facebook Ads will make them happen. Want to drive engagement on a post? Want to send people to your website? Facebook can target exactly what your advertising goals are and make those goals become a reality.

Facebook Ads are Extremely Customizable

Here are some ways you can use Facebook to target and customize your campaigns:

  • Target recent purchases that users have made

Facebook can target audiences based on their purchasing behaviors. Whether it’s clothing, DIYers, Health and Beauty enthusiasts, or foodies, you can use the advertising categories to target Facebook users based on their latest purchases. This is a great way to get in front of people that are interested in products just like yours.

  • Target users who had recent life-changing events

Are you in the wedding photography industry? Then Facebook Ads can help you target those that recently got engaged. What about moving services, landscaping services, or home décor? You can use Facebook life events targeting to find people who just bought a new house and may be looking for these services. Pretty crazy, huh? What people post on their timelines can help bring you leads.

  • Find target areas and ages

You can even customize your advertising based on a certain location you want to advertise in or a certain age group you want to see your business. This is a way to make sure you get your ads in front of the exact people that you want to see them.


4. Turn Visitors into Customers

Have you ever wondered why you go to a website to check out clothing, cars, hotels, or whatever it is that you are interested in, and then an ad for that site shows up while you’re scrolling on Facebook? It’s made possible by tagging visitors that came to the site with a cookie.

You can do this too! You’ll be able to tag visitors that visited your site and then retarget them on Facebook. This will help you capture qualified leads to make big sales.


5. Increase Traffic for Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to build a connection with your audience. They are also a great way to promote even more traffic to your site. Advertising on Facebook can help reach more people with your blog which will help build trust and brand awareness. Blogs are easily shared on social media too, which is a great way to get even more exposure when a follower shares your company blog with their friends.


6. Get Real-Time Advertising Results

There’s nothing better than seeing your money being put to good use. That’s what you get when you use Facebook Ads. The system is set up so you can monitor your campaigns in real-time.


With this feature, you’ll be able to see how many people these ads have reached, how many clicks it has gotten, and much more. And one of the great things about this is that if you’re not satisfied with the results you are seeing, then you can easily make tweaks and modifications. Think about how easy this is! You can’t do this with another form of advertising like a magazine ad or radio commercial. It’s a simple way to see your advertising dollars being put to good use.


7. Call Buttons Boost Business

Did you know there are about 1.55 billion Facebook users? And about 1.39 billion only use the site through the mobile app. That’s a lot of people on their phones. So, make it easier for someone on their phone to connect with you by using Facebook’s Call Buttons.

These Call Buttons are game-changers for businesses. Think about it: if you saw an ad, would you be more likely to call and get information if all you had to do was push a button on that same site? You probably would, right? This miracle button helps people bypass the website where they have to look for a phone number and sends the interested customer straight to your company’s phone.


8. Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

One of the biggest benefits for business owners is that you won’t have to spend a ton to see big results. In fact, Facebook Ads is one of the most budget-friendly modes of advertising out there. And just like you can alter your campaign if you aren’t seeing the results you want, you can do the same with the amount you’re spending.

If you’re unhappy with the way your campaign is performing, then you can easily pause the campaign, or if you like the way it’s going, you can increase spending. This is a budget-friendly way to get the word out about your business without overspending on unnecessary advertising.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Cibirix Can Help You Rise Digitally with Facebook Ads

Ready to get started on Facebook advertising, but you aren’t sure where to start? Cibirix can help you get the most bang for your buck. We specialize in digital marketing, including Facebook Ads. Contact us today to see how we can use these ads to boost your sales. Find us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Cibirix or give us a call at to get started today!

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