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Email Marketing Trends and Statistics of 2018

Email Marketing Trends and Statistics of 2018
Apr. 4,

We’re frequently asked by our clients about how to create, manage, and deliver an effective email marketing campaign that their customers love. There is no simple reply to this as it takes hours of work, finetuning, and diligence in designing a campaign that is loved by everyone. That said, there are some neat practices that will help you achieve your target in 2018. Remember that email marketing has changed a lot over the years and it isn’t the same it was in the past.

In the year 2018, take a dash towards the objective of creating relevant emails and an objective of subscriber lifetime value. While all of us try to sell to our email lists, do not make sales as the centerpiece of every email marketing campaign that you run. Rather, focus on personalizing the message to your customers’ personality type and enable two-way communication.

Mobile First Approach , Optimize the Email for Responsiveness

Mobile technology has improved by leaps and bounds and most of your email subscribers will be reading your email (if it is properly delivered in the first place) on their cell phones.

It’s important to keep in mind that today’s mobile market is saturated with mobile devices of different sizes and resolutions. Your email should be mobile-friendly and head, and body text should be visible on all devices.

First, design a simple email layout with sample content to test across all major platforms and use it as a primary format for future emails.

Be Aware of Your Marketing Funnel

Visualize your email marketing funnel according to the segmented customer data. Segmentation helps you design a customer’s buyer persona, and you can create campaigns based on their past buying patterns, income levels, spending patterns, buying habits, and even seasons

Customer Journey Effectiveness

Image Source: SmartInsights

Don’t let the email filters trigger your email as SPAM!

ISPs are now very strict against spam, and they filter emails passing through their servers by checking the authentication of the sender. This, ultimately lowers the increasing rate of spam emails.

It’s understandable that every marketer should cross-check that the domain authentications are completed and verified by adding SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Email) and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) records. Surprisingly less than 70% of brands use SPF, DKIM and only smaller companies are using all three at slightly higher rates than larger companies. Moreover, make sure to you adhere to the standards of CAN-SPAM policy.

DMARC is the most advanced method of domain authentication to protect from spoofing, and it also helps to resolve most of the deliverability issues.

Significant Role of AI and Machine Learning

People are smarter than ever before and so is the technology. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are the most commonly used voice assistant programs that people use and this example shows how AI and machine learning is changing lives. And the fact is that last five-seven years have witnessed immense growth in mobile usage which has in turn now increased the number of voice searches and it is sure to make a difference in email reading experience.

Start with predictive marketing, to create great subject lines that connect well with your audience. No matter what your write inside in the body copy or how great your offer is, email subject is the biggest factor that leads to high open rates.

Companies like Google are already working on artificial intelligence for a long time, and we’re already noticing the dynamic change in search engines algorithms lately.

Take Control Over Contact Management

Creating database without proper segmentation and running campaigns in the hope of higher click-through rate are more of wishful thinking. Understand your buyer personas, segment the contacts and deliver the email content accordingly. Once you have a properly segmented database, it’s easier to target and track the results of your email marketing campaigns.

Meaningful Personalization through Contextual Emails

Improve your ability to craft a personalized email for best individual experiences. Take a look at the survey results of “subscriber acquisition action” by, looking at Smart Insights. To avoid deliverability issue, create the context more natural and human readable. Not only it resolves most of the problems, but it also has a significant impact on the open rate and CTR (Click through Rate).

Subscriber Acquisition Action

Image Source: SmartInsights

Interactive Elements and Email Templates

Most of the leading email marketing tools in the market now offer a seamless experience for executing and delivering content that enhances user engagement. However, features richness doesn’t mean you have to include all the elements in one single email.

Top Email Design Trends for 2018

Source: Litmus

Pre-defined templates are good to start with, but you can’t use them every time because it’s important to understand the fact that emails are best delivered to the primary inbox when there are less HTML and more readable content to extract more information about the subject.

Email Marketing Services and Tools

Every email marketer wants the best tools in the arsenal, and it is possible only when you try a bunch of tools.

Most of the big brands and companies use email marketing tools which are integrated with their CRM and provide seamless integration with contact database, google analytics and social media integration. For example, HubSpot, Zoho and Agile CRM.

Whichever tool you use to make sure they provide in-depth analytics & reporting, contact management, tracking, A/B testing, and 3rd party apps integrations.

Cross-Channel Tracking and Targeting

Take advantage of tracking and analytics to track every email you sent and the action taken by the responders. Analyze it thoroughly to create a report and update the strategy.

Integrating the signup form on social media pages is another example to allow people to subscribe quickly and track the analytics of that signup form too.

Some of the best and preferred email marketing tools are:

  • MailChimp (Free plans allows to send 12000 emails with a limit to store 2000 subscribers only)
  • Constant Contact (Paid, 60-day free trial)
  • Sendgrid (paid, 30-day free trial)

Let’s wrap up with excellent email marketing tip by experts:

No matter which platform you choose or the superb content you write it’s all about the audience, if they like it they will buy it so be adaptive with the change and use techniques which prove to be most useful.

Lauren Gentile (VP Creative, Digital Solutions, EPSILON)

The wider adoption of CSS support and interactivity in the inbox will make interactive elements more widely used by email designers and developers. This coding technique will continue to blend website and email technology, giving subscribers more control of the content and how they engage within their inbox.”

Successful campaigns are achieved through experiments. Test your emails with various different content, HTML elements, images, design, and layout.

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