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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the World of Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the World of Digital Marketing
Feb. 6,

We all know about the ongoing boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world today; we see it mentioned more and more, to the point that we just assume it’s now everywhere and in everything. But a more basic question that remains is this: Do we really understand what AI is? And how does it work, exactly?

Ready for some answers???

First, let’s understand the basics of AI. Generally speaking, artificial intelligence is a technology that can perform designated tasks with intelligence – tasks which normally can’t be performed without having some human intelligence involved. These include tasks like problem solving, knowledge representation, planning, learning, reasoning, predicting, voice recognition, and recognizing emotions. And AI has come a long way; for example, AI can now detect some severe diseases better than human doctors!

The Power of Digital Marketing With AI

Looking at the realms of digital marketing and online advertising, AI can now effectively be used to help eliminate some of the small, human-based errors that can sometimes lead to major negative outcomes. Although we all know that digital marketing is a dynamic field where many of the killer strategies are still dependent on human minds, an AI program can be a game changer for helping to analyze the data, generate advanced reports, and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

To see some examples of where AI is already being used in a big way, you need look no farther than the digital media giants of Google and Facebook.

The algorithms used by Google and Facebook are all based on machine learning and AI technologies. When you search for something on Google and find the answer you’re looking for, or when Facebook figures out how to show you the things that you actually like to see, read, or watch on Facebook, machine learning and AI are involved.

Take a look at some of the innovative capabilities that AI offers which are potential game-changers in the marketing industry:

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a killer example which showcases how AI is changing the world of online marketing. With the help of AI, programmatic advertising can be effectively used to specify your audience, set up pinpoint targeting, and find the best ad placement to convert a visitor into a customer. Programmatic advertising is specifically designed to reduce the amount of potential human errors with the help of AI optimization.

Here are some main areas where AI can play a big role

  • Bid Management
  • Budget Related Decisions
  • More Effective Targeting
  • Accurate Data


Many things related to SEO continue to evolve thanks to AI, but very few marketers are actually up to date on these evolutions. Search engines like Google continuously update their algorithms based on AI. For example, RankBrain is Google’s machine learning algorithm which delivers search results based on the queries enter by the user. In SEO, AI can play a vital role in helping us to determine user behavior and based on this data we can generate many effective keywords and meta tags. AI extends to many other areas too, including voice assistants and voice search analysis.

24/7 Customer Service and Engagement Without a Need for a Human Touch

Every visitor has a unique frame of mind, and may arrive at a different stage of the exploratory process. Some are in awareness stage; they land on your site to just check it out and get some basic information. Others are in consideration stage; they’re browsing and checking out details about a particular product or service. Some land on your website to compare your product or service with those offered on other websites. Some are really in a buying stage, and they’re really wanting to dig into the quality, features and advantages of choosing your product or service.  Most of these visitors or customers expect to be able to access your information or get assistance at any time, 24 hours a day. Chatbot apps are very effective at addressing this round-the-clock demand, and their continuous development is making a positive impact on digital marketing for many businesses.

Wonder how a chatbot works? Generally, a chatbot is an AI-based computer program that can have a conversation with your visitor or customer through voice or text, without needing direct input from a human. It saves time and can be very impactful for your perceived brand value. With the help of applications like chatbots, modern buyers can make even faster decisions about buying your product or choosing your service.

Content Curation and Generation

Content marketing still plays a very significant role in digital marketing. Without effective content marketing, there really is no way to run a successful business online.

But content curation and generation has always posed a challenging task for marketers. With the capabilities of modern data analysis, mimicking of cognitive functions, and problem-solving, AI can effectively be used to help curate and generate content that will target the right visitors on all the right platforms. Marketers can streamline their content generation process by using AI to analyze user data and intent.

Behavior Analysis or Predictive Analysis

We can always gather all the data we want, but it’s simply not possible for a human being to effectively try and analyze ALL the data that’s out there – that’s where the benefit of using AI comes into play. With the help of big data analytics, AI is able to provide in-depth insights for many businesses about their buyers and potential buyers. AI also has the capability to analyze historical data to help predict future user behavior. What would THAT be worth to your business?! With the right use of data by applying predictive analytics on your website visitors, not only can you calculate who the real buyers are, you can also discern where your investments aren’t working, and where you’re wasting both time and money.

Once you’re able to use AI properly, you can almost define a perfect user behavior that will help you to consistently generate great results!

Like to learn more about how you can apply AI to make your own digital marketing efforts more effective and impactful? Reach out to us at Cibirix Digital Marketing Agency. We can develop some great digital tools for you, and we can help you to find the best marketing strategies and solutions that will help your business grow!

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