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Revolutionizing Keen’s Buildings’ Business Growth through Sensei 3D Designer

Revolutionizing Keen’s Buildings’ Business Growth through Sensei 3D Designer
Aug. 11,

A Journey of Transformation and Elevated Customer Experience

The Initial Challenge: Making Building Purchases More Reliable

Two years ago, Keen’s Buildings approached Sensei Digital with a goal in mind and the challenge they were facing. While popular for their custom metal garages, certified carports, metal barns, and metal sheds, Keen’s Buildings wanted to provide their customers with a more tangible and reliable representation of their potential purchases.

Sensei’s Solution: A Dedicated 3D Design Tool

To achieve their goals, Sensei Digital developed a unique 3D Design Tool that revolutionized the way customers interact with Keen’s Buildings. This tool allows customers to visualize, customize, and enhance their buying journey by providing an immersive experience. Customers can now not only view their potential structures but also customize every aspect of it, and truly experience what they are investing in. As a result, Keen’s Buildings has successfully bridged the gap in their offerings, providing their customers with an interactive tool that allows them to make informed decisions.

Transforming Customer Experiences with Our Cutting-Edge 3D Builders

Sensei’s response to Keen’s request was to develop dedicated 3D design tools, each customized for specific products. Let’s dive deeper into these four groundbreaking tools.

3D Garage Builder: The 3D Garage Builder is a revolutionary tool that allow users to create their garages with ease. With its interactive interface, users could customize their garage to their exact specifications. It offers a real experience, allowing users to alter its dimensions, choose different roof styles, colors, and even place doors and windows as they preferred, while also being able to view the real-time pricing. This made it easy for customers to stay within their budget. All in all, the 3D Garage Builder is an incredible tool that allowed Keen’s Buildings users to design their garages with ease.

3D Carport Builder: For those keen on protecting their vehicles but not wanting a full-blown garage, the 3D Carport Builder is a godsend. With its user-friendly design, Keen’s Buildings customers are able to adjust the size, select roofing types, and even add side panels or openings to create a unique carport customized to their needs. Every car enthusiast is now able to design the shelter their vehicle deserves.

3D Barn Builder: Barns have always been an essential structure in America’s landscape. With the 3D Barn Builder, Keen’s Buildings ensured that this tradition could be carried forward with a modern twist. Be it for livestock, storage, or as a workspace, customers could now create a barn tailored to their specific needs. From doors to windows to internal divisions, you can customize every aspect of your barn. The introduction of the 3D Barn Builder completely transformed the barn design, making it easier for customers to create their own unique structures. Not only could they design their barns with ease, but they could also view real-time pricing as they made their selections.

3D Barndominium Builder: A blend of a barn and condominium, Barndominiums are gaining traction in the US. The 3D Barndominium Builder at Keen’s Building website revolutionized the way customers could design their living spaces. This tool allows them to easily and quickly create a unique living space within the structure of a barn, while also being able to plan their budget in real-time. Keen’s customers are able to adjust their designs according to their budgets, making it easier for them to create the perfect living space.

Why Sensei 3D Designer?

Beyond just visualization, the Sensei 3D Designer on Keen’s offered numerous benefits:

  1. Empowerment: Customers felt more in control of their purchase. They weren’t just selecting a model; they were creating one.
  2. Confidence: Seeing a 3D representation eliminated uncertainties. It built trust and confidence in Keen’s offerings.
  3. Efficiency: With the design tool, there was a clear reduction in back-and-forth discussions. Decisions were faster, and so was the purchase process.
  4. Engagement: The interactive nature of the tool meant customers spent more time on Keen’s website, leading to better brand recall and loyalty.
  5. Real-time Visualization: Customers can see changes in real-time, ensuring they know exactly what they’re getting.
  6. User-friendly Interface: Even those new to design can easily navigate and make modifications.
  7. Cost Estimation: As users make changes, they get an updated price quote, ensuring no surprises.
  8. Integrated Feedback: Customers can seek assistance or provide feedback directly through the tool.

Keen’s Buildings’ Rise with Sensei Solutions

Along with the Sensei 3D Designer, Sensei helped Keen’s Buildings with Sensei CRM. When Keen’s Buildings asked us to integrate Sensei 3D Designer with Sensei CRM, they unlocked an unprecedented level of efficiency. No longer burdened by piles of paperwork, they saw a streamlined order management system in place. The CRM’s capabilities ensured that communications between them and manufacturers were smooth, eliminating hiccups and ensuring timely deliveries. As a direct result, the need for an extensive sales force diminished, slashing overheads and increasing profitability. This powerful combination of 3D Designer and CRM didn’t just upgrade their processes; it propelled Keen’s Buildings into a new era of growth.

The Impact: Sensei 3D Elevated Keen’s Buildings Business

When Tech Boosts Sales! Since the integration of Sensei’s 3D tools, Keen’s Buildings has witnessed an uptick in their business. 8000+ building quotes generated, 6000+ leads received, out of which an impressive 2000+ came directly from Sensei’s 3D Designer. This not only confirms the tool’s efficacy but also underlines its role in enhancing customer engagement.

The Future of Buildings Design is Just 1 Hour Away!

The collaboration between Keen’s Buildings and Sensei 3D isn’t just about innovative tools; it’s about foreseeing the future of the construction industry. By giving customers the power to visualize and customize, businesses can offer more value, improve satisfaction, and ultimately boost sales.

Your business can also experience innovation at its finest with Sensei 3D. Our expertise allows us to design a 3D Tool customized to your needs in merely AN HOUR. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we make the design process smooth, efficient, and highly personalized. Don’t let opportunities pass by; connect with us at and elevate your creative potential to new dimensions. Your journey into the world of 3D design awaits!

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