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What Goes Into Creating an Effective Local Business Search Strategy?

What Goes Into Creating an Effective Local Business Search Strategy?
Jul. 21,

You’ve probably seen, heard, or been told about the significance of local search for your business. But what does that mean, exactly? Perhaps you’re already employing some type of local search strategy to help get your business noticed online, but you’re simply not getting the kinds of results you were hoping for. In any case, it’s very important to understand what local search is and how it works, in order to make your business as visible and as findable as possible for searchers looking for the kinds of products, services, and solutions you provide. In short, it’s about getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time!


What is Local Search Marketing?

Local search marketing is an internet strategy to promote a local business that has one or more physical locations. Essentially, this is a way to capture more of the target audience of searchers who are looking for xxx (insert business, product, or service) near me. This digital marketing approach applies to single-location small businesses, larger businesses with multiple locations, and businesses of all shapes, sizes, and stripes. And there are some specific strategies you can use to boost your local presence through local search engine optimization (more commonly abbreviated as local SEO).


You’re probably already somewhat familiar with the concepts of business listings management and website optimization, but do you really understand how these things work? At Cibirix Digital Marketing we believe in honesty and transparency, and we’re here to help you find the answers you seek! Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits that go along with signing up for a local search plan, and what goes into making it all happen.


Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

There are still other search engines out there, but none as widely-used as Google. That’s where you want to give primary focus to your search engine marketing (or SEM) efforts.  Claiming your Google My Business (or GMB) listing isn’t complicated, but there’s lots to explore when it comes to managing and optimizing your GMB profile.


Checking for reviews is only aspect of managing a Google My Business listing. Maintaining an optimized profile includes things like updating your business holiday hours and creating Google posts. Your listing must be kept up-to-date at all times, and reviews and comments should be responded to promptly. Whenever a search engine is  identifying the best results for a user’s search, an optimized business profile is more likely to be seen as relevant and prominent.



GMB optimization comprises a significant portion of local search marketing efforts. And optimization requires more than simply filling out your Google My Business listing. Here are some things you’ll want to include:


  • Industry- and user-relevant keywords that are strategically placed throughout the descriptions and postings


  • Consistent posting of localized content


  • Accurate attribution and proper categorization of information


  • The more photo and video resources you can include, the better


  • Make sure to include a Q&A section, as well


The inclusion of proper keywords and phrases in your content accounts for up to 70% of search traffic results whenever Google culls your web directory listings. That’s one important aspect of the optimization process that you really can’t afford to leave out!


Ensuring that business listings are set up and maintained properly for optimization requires consistent effort and intentionality. However, your investment in these efforts will more than pay for itself in the traffic it generates for your company!


Optimize Your Website for Local Search, Too

A website that’s optimized for local search sounds fantastic! But how does that work, and how can you flag your website for greater GMB awareness? It’s all about making sure your website has the features and capabilities that users value, and that search engines judge to be important.

local search

For starters, locally optimized websites take a mobile-first approach, and are designed to be voice search-friendly. Let’s look at how these features can be integrated into your website.


• Mobile-friendly

In 2022, many more people conduct searches on their phones and mobile devices than on traditional computers or laptops. Here are a few things that can make all the difference when it comes to developing a mobile-friendly website. Microsites, for example, are designed specifically for mobile devices. This is determined by the spacing of the page, the placement of links and buttons, and the size of on-screen text. While these are but a few factors that account for the mobile friendliness of a website, they give a good idea of what it takes to create a great mobile experience for your visitors, while also impressing Google and other search engines.


• Relevant content

Your website will surely include content about who your company is, what your company does, the services it provides, etc. It’s also a good idea to feature blogs that interested buyers or current customers can read to learn more about your products & services, your industry, and about how folks can use your products & services to meet their needs and achieve their goals. This content must be mapped out and produced purposefully and strategically, including written content, images, graphics, animations, and video elements.


• Other content & web design considerations

Ideally, other websites and web entities should be allowed and encouraged to access and use the information delivered through your content. Backlinks are a powerful way to help build the authority of your site, and these contribute to the success of your overall local search optimization efforts. On-page signals require NAPU (name, address, phone number, and URL), as well as keywords in title tags and meta descriptions. Image and video optimization are important for faster loading speeds, as well. Unless you have an in-house web development team, it’s best to entrust the management of these aspects of your business website to a trained professional who can partner with you to help you meet your business goals.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s more to setting up an optimal local business search presence than simply filling out a GMB profile. We hope you’ll find these tips to be helpful as you seek to improve the online visibility of your local business.


Still not sure where to go from here, or how to make it all happen for your business? The search marketing experts at Cibirix are here to help! Connect with one of our friendly specialists today, and let us help you to maximize your local digital marketing footprint!

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