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Facebook Campaign Ads Scaling Tips for 2018

Facebook Campaign Ads Scaling Tips for 2018
Apr. 13,

We have learned through experience that testing, experimenting, and close monitoring are the ingredients of a successful Facebook campaign advertising. What worked two weeks back, may not work today and if you are a “Fill it, Shut it, Forget it” type marketer. You may not be able to scale your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Why is Scaling So Important?

For many businesses, Facebook ads have proven to be a very viable channel for getting leads and sales. Not just apps, games, or startups, but even for brick and mortar businesses, eCommerce websites, and phone sales companies, Facebook ads could mean the difference between success and failure. When you choose the right digital marketing partner, you are sure to see improvements in leads and sales through Facebook advertising. That is when most of the companies tend to go in and increase the Facebook marketing budgets blindly.

Facebook Ad Scaling


If you’re getting 20 sales a day for $50, it doesn’t mean you will get 40 sales for $100. Arbitrarily doubling up your budget may, in fact, slower your sales or increase your cost per sales and cost per acquisition. Facebook optimizes its ads for the objective that you choose for your campaigns. If your objective is Leads or Sales, then do not increase the Ad Group budgets in the hope of increased sales and leads. Vertical scaling will always fall flat most of the time in case of Facebook marketing.

How to Scale Facebook Campaigns the Correct Way?

Always scale to achieve a great long-term structure for your campaigns. Some things that you can look at immediately are:

  1. Optimize Custom Events & Custom Conversions Properly

Big one! Facebook events let you create custom events apart from the nine standard events. Optimizing for conversions by URL structures in an existing campaign can work wonders. A real-world example would be to change the conversion from standard lead event to custom conversion, so you can sell more of your best products and services.

  1. Employing the Pixel Events to Scale Lookalike Audience

While in the above point we discussed creating conversions and optimizing for them using Pixel events, you can always create new audiences based on the existing ones; who are taking action on the site. Let us say you sell lip gloss and BB cream on your website. If you can track who is it that is buying the cream from you, you can always find more people using Facebook Lookalike audience feature. Remember you can always create audiences based on people not buying from you. For example, people who visited a product and initiated a checkout but never completed it. Or people who added a product to their shopping cart but did not end up buying.

  1. Scale Ads by Visit Recency

Most advertisers have a very basic Facebook retargeting strategy in place. They show ads to anyone and everyone who visited their product pages or the site in past 90 or 180 days. What this does is, it lumps together all the visitors into one audience type and then people see ads 15 times in 30 days. That does not motivate them to buy from you. Instead, it annoys them to see the same ad frequently. It is advisable to create multiple audiences by recency of visit.

Facebook Retargeting

For our eCommerce clients, we like to have at least 3-day, 10-day & 30-day ad creatives. Time-specific ad creatives work well with our funnels too so that we can show different ads to people who visited during different durations. You would like to keep your message to be different for people who visited yesterday vs. those who visited last month, right?

Scaling a Facebook marketing campaign is no easy job, but just like we mentioned- testing and patience are the key virtues in optimizing an ad account. Irrespective of what you use (Facebook’s Business Manager or Ad Account), what you operate in (B2B or B2C) you can apply these tactics at ad group, ad creative, and the audience levels to scale your social media marketing campaigns effectively.

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